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Soi. 7 Bier Garten

Old Hippie

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Back in October, I walked by the infamous Soi 7 Bier Garten, it was all torn up and going under some renovations. Today I went by again to see what it looked liked…didn’t recognize it, despite the old sign still in place. The bier Garten as we knew it is gone, as I’ve said a  times, there is no respect for culture anymore!! It has basically turned into a group of beer bars under the old roof.

As I was leaving, pondering my next move, I ran looked around and low and behold, I saw what looked like an old familiar face. I walked back, sat down and asked the girl her name, it was as expected, an old regular from Texas Lone Staar bar from the long gone and greatly missed, Washington Sq. She knew a few old board members as some of us had sort of a “Time share” arrangement. We caught up on old times had a beer or 2 and ah well…a gentleman never tells of course… But yeah, good to see an old face sometimes. 

As for the new collection of bars…some of them look ok, time will tell if they make any money. I’m off to play pool at Times Sq. Building.  Off to the farm tomorrow. 


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