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  1. Update : got the lad for this weekend, and he's pretty chuffed... told the ex I got the flick from work and her $$ may be affected, especially if I don't get to see the lad when I'm entitled to, and if she doesn't stick to the divorce agreement which she hasn't been doing. That got her to cooperate.
  2. About to watch something I downloaded a while back... the best of benny hill - one of the greats!
  3. Yep, DHS is that down here Dept Human Services. I work with them a lot at work, and while they do a fantastic job, they are massively understaffed. When I'm back on day shift I'll ask them what my options are, but at the moment the ex hasn't stopped me seeing my son, only threatened to when I don't buckle to her every demand. The court order doesn't come into play until Aug 24 (one month after it's heard), there hasn't been anything on paper for the past 18 months, we've simply winged it. I've tried but she simply refuses to sign stuff even when I advise her just to look at it with her lawy
  4. I agree with you carlton, and have been told same by my lawyer. 2 year wait here for family courts. I am happy for him to live with his mother, as long as he is looked after well, and wants to live there. I am not after a lot, just every second weekend, or something like that to spend a bit of time with my son, and for him to see my side of his family (he is the only grandchild, and up to a few months ago he was the only great-grandchild on both sides of my family). I have always paid more than I've been obliged to pay her, and left her with all the assets apart from my 6 yo car, golf sti
  5. Yep, I think the lad is starting to struggle. She has admitted to telling him not to call me Dad anymore (he's 2 1/2 and still does call me dad or daddy), but usually when I have him to convince him to get in the car when it's time to go home I say, "Jump in the car, go and see mum." and he does, and is happy about it. This weekend I told him same and he said he didn't want to, wanted to stay with me and the GL. Up until now he has been (seemed) extremely close with his mother which is good, but last time didn't want to go home. The ex is using everything (including the boy) as leverage to
  6. She's not moving to another judicial district, the court we go through is a federal one, only way she could do that is move overseas which she can't do with the lad. We are planning on handing the lad over at police stations if we have to, but hopefully any other public place will be ok. Unfortunately if she denies me the right she's agreed to as far as seeing him goes, all I can do is take her to court (big $$$ for me) and they rarely appoint these costs against the mother. They simply get told to do it.. happens again and I can involve DHS who can be painful to deal with. I do a bit of this
  7. Update: Lodged the divorce papers yesterday, best $400 I ever spent... the cow stole my mobile phone though (not the good one, the one I only use for her so I can turn the bastard off when she gives me the shits). She noticed I had 2 phones on me, since we had to do the Xray security thing at court.. told me I'd have to give her my "good" number if I was to see the boy again. I told her No Way, the court doc's state we are to arrange visits via email, 2 weeks in advance.. she's also telling me she no longer has email, or mobile phone (although I called her on it last night and she answer
  8. Update: Just got a SMS from the ex.. I had the lad over the weekend. She's quizzed him and knows he spent the weekend with me, my mum and the GL... (She's previously threatened not to let me see him again if I ever introduced him to my GF) - SMS read: "..asked lxxxx who he saw today. He said grandma. Pxxxx... haha. U know the consequences... Haha. U bastard" (lxxxx = the boy; Pxxxx = the GL) stay tuned - was due to put in the divorce papers tomorrow (with access terms signed and sealed), let's see what happens next
  9. Yes, I realise things could get ugly if I don't play my cards right. What I want to do is strike a balance between what is best for my son, and what everybody is entitled to. I think it would be better for my son to regularly see me rather than not.
  10. She's living with another guy who supports her, she also gets social security which is a fair bit in Aus, and my maintenance. There is no alimony in this country. She does also have access to the money we saved as a couple which she says is gone, plus she had a lot of money in the bank when we met. The only reason she says she won't work is to try to antagonise me, but I admit her employment prospects are a lot better overseas.
  11. these posts are useless
  12. Already paying maintenance, I have no qualms about that, it does cost $$$ to raise a child. Only issue I have about $$$ is the fact she keeps asking for extra even though what I paid in the first year was = to 3.5x what I was assessed as being obliged to pay by CSA (Child Support agency) here. I am now paying the CSA amount. Also she states she will never work while in this country, so if I get custody I will see no money from her. Mai pen rai I say. No, she can't take the boy out of the country, I am considering getting another court order to stop her taking him out of this state as well.
  13. Yeah, the more I think about it the more it makes sence. The GL is 100% with me as well, as is my family. They all love him dearly, he is a cute boy. The way I see it, even if I don't get full custody, I'll at least get more access than one day a week. CCG has always threatened to take him overseas with her (something she admits she can't do without my consent), as she does have ludicrous employment opportunities in Asia. The good thing is the boy's passport has now expired (he has travelled a bit to see her family in China before), and there's zero chance (thanks to me) she can get him an
  14. You are right TB, court is looking the most likely option, she is not willing to negotiate at the moment.
  15. If the mother has been unreliable and inconsistent as a parent, then you'll have a good case to proceed with. Thanks Faustian, I have kept all records of communication SMS, email and a written record of phone calls. I do call her CCG for a reason, she has changed the plans for pick up/drop off 95/100 also said (in calls and email) I can keep the boy forever and she never wants to see him again. Next day she's apologetic and regrets what she says. She's also threatened myself physically as well as my family which (through legal advise) prompted me to persue an intervention order agains
  16. Evening all, I'm guessing a lot of you lads are in the same club as me... that is, the "Married and Divorced" club. What I want to know is, how long do you lads get to spend with your kids. I have a 2 year old son, and the divorce is about to go through, but we are at lockerheads about how much time I should get with the boy. I am after 4 days/nights per fortnight, the ex - CCG (Crazy Chinese Girl) won't budge on 2 days per fortnight, stating I can see him whenever I like "by mutual agreement" which basically means if she doesn't agree, I don't see him. Up to and including now, I ge
  17. raining here too.... can't play no golf
  18. Probably as we speak! ha ha
  19. Great day down here, at last count the boy had eaten 98 chocolate eggs/bunnies/etc .../ and I just dropped him off to his mother he he he..
  20. Great day down here - 30oC at the moment. Played golf last night... scored a happy 80
  21. Jeez, some of these posts ARE useless
  22. 79 par was about 67 or 69, can't remember... I usually go around in the low 80's (par72)
  23. great day at golf, although windy. Best score ever
  24. sorry, a kiwi told me that one today
  25. What's the smallest organ in a sheep? A kiwi's cock
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