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  1. In that case I would guess they would simply charge the drink to your credit card, along with some kind of "processing fee".
  2. Still have our trusty laptop cav, one of the main reasons for getting a desktop (apart from being able to do groovier things with it since it's newer) is the bigger screen. Was a bit of fun building it though. Didn't save a huge amount of cash - probably would have cost me another $100 for the computer shop guys to build it but that's not the point (ref model planes). I built exactly what we need, or what we think we'll need, with the ability to add stuff on later should we see the need. Not many of the "packages" available were exactly what we were after. As for that bracket for the monitor.... found it... was hiding in a box.
  3. By George I've done it!.. Piece of piss - granted I spent a bit more time than the "couple of hours" suggested by the lad at work, and a LOT longer then the "20 minutes" suggested by one website guru. When you unbox the thing and there's wires every which way but loose it is a bit daunting, but patience, taking your time and not getting stressed are the keys. Never done it before and it all went without a (major) hitch. Had the trusty laptop and googled a few things along the way. For the life of me I can't imagine why suppliers of pc components supply a DVDROM rather than a printed instruction manual with their products... think about it. The only minor hiccups were the monitor - a bit of the stand was missing out of the box so I couldn't stand it up properly, as was the sata cable to connect the dvd drive to the motherboard so I couldn't install OS etc last night - could have "borrowed" the wire from one of the drives I guess but it was getting late and I was getting tired. It fired up ok though and everything (except dvd) was recognised and running.. Anyone who enjoyed building model planes as a kid - I highly recommend the experience. I'd never done it before, and had a ball.. hopefully the thing doesn't blow up~!
  4. Thanks lads, baa - on consultation with my "dudes" at work have gone for a slightly groovier case, and the exact PSU you recommend (650w bronze), as well as an extra fan (case only comes with one). Hadn't thought of a silent PSU, KS - have checked out the price list from the shop and looks like it's doable, will investigate. Thanks again lads.
  5. Quick re cap for anyone interested... Have been convinced to build the box myself... I know, I know, but some of the lads at work (computer dudes, not the other kind) have promised it aint too hard if you're patient... hmm.. we'll see. In any case the box I've sort of picked out works for me... saved a few bucks and there's nothing in there I don't need, unlike most all of the ore packaged PC's... have a look. Prices are AUD, which at the time of writing is just under the USD = around 30 baht/$ Motherboard - AsRock z77 PRO 3 = $89 SSD 120GB Kingston V300 = $96 HHD WD Black 1TB SATA 3 FAEX = $88 HD 7770 1GB Graphic Card = $105* i5 3570k = $248 RAM 8GB Kingston Hyper X = $65 Case - CoolerMaster 430 or 431 = $80 (includes 500w PSU)* Wireless Network Card TP LInk WN851ND = $20 Win 8 64 bit = $98 All up $889 which isn't bad IMO. * - I may go up a bit with the graphics card but from all reviews I read the 7770 will do the trick, also not so sure on the 500w power supply, may upgrade this to 650/700 with a better case which would add on around $50-100 Plus the monitor, keyboard etc around $200. Have to go wireless at this stage, as the phone line is up the other end of the love shack to my porn downloading, watching & wanking room office. If there's something glaringly obvious that I've stuffed up, please yell out....
  6. Thanks baa - your advice has been invaluable. Think I know what I need now without going overboard. http://www.cnettech.com.au/ProductDetail.aspx?pid=66247&keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&width=800&height=500#.UYwnVYoW1WQ option 2 (above) - plus SSD and OS
  7. After doing the rounds, narrowed it down a bit - thinking along these lines Option 1 i7 3770 z77 chip RAM - 8 GB DDR3 upgraded to 16 GB (1333 Mhz - may be upgradable to 1600 if necessary - forgot to ask) 2TB HDD Hitachi 7200rpm SSD - 60GB - would 120 be overkill? 2GB Radeon 7750 Video Card (GDDR5) Keyboard, Win 8, card reader, wifi etc.. around $1300 Option 2 (may be cheaper) i5 3570 H77 chip 8GB DDR3 RAM 1600 2TB HDD 7200 rpm 2GB 7750 Video Card (as above) Keyboard etc $829 - but would have to ask about other upgrades ie Windows ($100), SSD, extra RAM if necessary. I'd guess it would bring me just over the $1000 mark. ... thanks again for advice.
  8. kratos aint me gobble - I don't contribute enough to make one account viable, let alone two. The sockpuppet I have has googly eyes and .... err.. a box of tissues..
  9. ATX Case - Shaw DF Series USB 3 Front Medium, not sure on power supply will likely drop in today and ask Video Card - when I googled the specs it says GDDR5 -- got to be a good thing?
  10. Thanks lads, the i5 vs i7 is under $100 difference - the only real thing making a difference in the price is the video card and the RAM.
  11. Thanks lads - Have discovered Option 2 which may suit i7 3770 3.4/3.9 z77 IB Chip (previous was the H77) 2GB Radeon HD 7750 PCI-Express Video Card 16GB DDR3 1333 RAM Hitachi 2TB SATA 3 HD 24" Acer LED Microsoft Win 8 Keyboard/Mouse Network Card: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Fast Network Card (Integrated)* Card Reader * - is this to connect to my WiFi? Reason I ask is the next thing the description says is "Wireless Network Card" - N/A * -Wireless Network Card internal if required $28 $1153 all up Another option to add SDD: Kingston V300 Series SATA3 60G +$65; 120G $100 Samsung 840 120G $100; 250G $190; 500G $415 which would take it to around $1200-1250. Added bonus with these guys is they are not far from me (previous was in Sydney) and I have bought one from them before. Thanks for the tips
  12. Gents, In the market for a new PC (Desktop) and was recommended a website (ebay seller actually) by one of the computer dudes at work. Just after a bit of advice on whether this will do the job, or if I can add things to it to make it better. To be honest the thing I use my PC for most is forums, googling, banking, spreadsheets, emails, tax stuff - pretty basic. Plus booking the odd holiday of course! The most complex software I'm looking at using is Flight Simulator X with a few add on packs. Could also start doing a bit of gaming, but nothing hard core (there's a bloke at work who has a full on race car set up in his spare room... that won't be me). Here's the shopping list so far: INTEL Core i7 3770 Intel 3.4 Turbo Boost to 3.9 Quad Core 1TB Hard Drive 12 GB RAM Windows 7 HD7750 Video Card 2GB 24" Monitor Keyboard, Mouse, Wireless A few conundrums... 1. is 12GB RAM enough or overkill? Standard is 8, and I'm paying more for 12 but it's only another $25 to go 16. 2. The Video Card listed above - will it do the job? Should I pay another $100 to go the next model up HD 7850? Or something else entirely? 3. Monitor - LED or LCD better (both cost about the same). 4. Is there something I've forgotten, other than speakers, software/virus etc (can get Office through work for nicks). All up the above set up will set me back $1050 which I'm pretty happy with (similar set ups in store down here are all over $2000), but want to make sure I'm getting what I need. I understand i7 may be more than I need, but through this mob it isn't costing much more than i5 or i3, the money is in the video card from what I read... I realise the price is a lot cheaper than going to the shops (at least down here), but the techno dudes at work have bought a few and they haven't missed a beat. We (Aussies) get royally shafted with PC / Electronic stuff.... don't get me started on cameras... All input greatly appreciated.
  13. I'd be angry too if I was spending $600k on a house and they got the colours and appliances wrong.
  14. A quick google found this changthong_house@hotmail.com also 038 421334, 038 410907 http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g293919-d2361598-Reviews-Changthong_House_Hotel-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html http://pattayabound.blogspot.com.au/2010/11/new-hotel-offers-cheap-rooms-in-pattaya.html
  15. I stayed at Chang Thang guesthouse I think it was called, big elephant statue out the front. Great rooms at around 1200 a night, it was early 2012 though, on Soi Dianna (I think) at the end of Soi LK (not the Bukhaw end, the other end).... if that makes sense. Rooms spacious and clean, and the staff were fantastic, as was the food.
  16. Welcome aboard - good to see some new blood - looking forward to hearing some good yarns.
  17. Nothing compared to what's said/written about politicians in the rest of the world IMO. Think she needs to toughen up a bit.
  18. Have made the executive decision to hold off on the next holiday until April next year purely so we can visit this part of the kingdom for Anzac Day 2014, even if it means we have to endure Songkran. Meeting someone like this whilst there would literally put me on my arse.. Hats off.
  19. If the average age in this country gets much higher I'll be working till I'm 100 - glad I like my job...
  20. From the article: "In this part of the country, it's not uncommon for a 5-year-old to have a gun or for a parent to pass one down to their kid," ​I remember a conversation with "the little boy next door" who is an awesome kid, 5, who knocks around with my son (6) when I have him. It was soon after (yet another) shooting in the US some time last year. I don't remember the details but his parents were quite horrified by it. We were talking about how we play super heroes, cowboys and Indians etc, and the conversation went as such... Me to his Dad: "Father of the little boy next door, listen to this." Me to the Little Boy Next Door: "You know how we play superheroes, and shoot each other, punch each other and stuff?" Him: "Yeah, I'm Spiderman and you're Superman - it's awesome. Tomorrow I'll be the Green Lantern!" Me: "Well, what do you think it would be like if there was a place where ANYONE could just buy a gun from a shop? Not a toy, a real gun?" Him: "Red, that would be stupid - OUR guns are toys, if they were real, somebody could get hurt.. they could DIE. That would be stupid if anyone could buy real guns." Me: "You're a clever kid." Him: "I know." At this stage, he tackled me to the ground and proceeded to kill me with his "laser powers"... The kid's a normal, energetic 5 year old with an amazing imagination, but he knows how things are, and things are pretty simple.
  21. I'd find it hard to believe any western man (now) would be surprised there were hot girls for hire in Thailand. The bloke who landed at the Dynasty on honeymoon is either a dick, or he saw the price compared to a resort and jumped at it. Personally I'd blame the travel agent (to the missus).
  22. If she is not a citizen - yes. Not sure if PR get deported.
  23. Beautiful article flash - well written. The movie's worth watching too.
  24. Mate - the Good Lady and I were in LOS from Feb 14 to March 5th. We sent a few postcards around the 18-24th Feb and we beat them home to Aus easily. The latest one made it a just under a week ago. (14 April). If that's anything to go by.
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