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  1. Mr Cav I had a tooth operation early morning and being unable to work today I thought I could as well spend the time listening to the words of one of your internet heroes . After 7 minutes I had to give up because my capacity of taking in bullshit of that dimension is limited. At the beginning of that clip a man claims that the USA is the best country in the whole wide world. This statement probably is a result of never having been abroad or currently working for a gun factory. Please ring him and explain why you live in Siam. And then comes Nigel Farage, the man who thinks the UK will rule the waves again later this year. I am personally unhappy about the Brexit because I Iike the UK and foresee things going down the drain in the end for the following reasons. About half of the British export goes into the continental EU but only 7 % the other way. Would therefore the EU join Trumps world of foreign policy by establishing tariffs for whatever reason the UK would be fucked big time. Which could for example happen if BoJo and Nigel make the UK a tax haven or disregard the EU regulations for CO2 reduction. The other unbridgeable obstacle will be that getting away from fundamental EU rules like free travel or EU jurisdiction but keeping all other benefits could never be accepted by the EU. Farage wants trade agreements with many countries; good luck with Donald in charge at the other end. Over to you.
  2. Received mail from a Chinese supplier last night saying the government ordered all factories stay shut for another week after Feb 3rd which is supposed to be first working day after their holidays.
  3. Yes. Equipped with a bag of cheap rubber gloves, to wear all the time everywhere including plane. Plus a bottle desinfection cream which they use in hospitals. Then I would wear a mask just to feel better, not of much use though. Finally assuming you are in generally good condition and not about to die anyway soon. An influenza might be the nail in your coffin otherwise. A BuBi medical advice
  4. No, it precisely sums up the truth in Trump-style.
  5. The shockwave of our political knowledge shall hit Bangkok sooner or later and Mr Khunsauk will feel the impact while crossing Asoke junction on his Hollandrad. The lovely Pam, by the way , working in a half-serious massage Soi 18 area meets Chinese customers all the time. Very much afraid of course and I advised to ask the gentlemen if they had Bat soup, batburger or similar recently.
  6. PS: I shall keep on posting today til the Khunsanuk cries for mercy
  7. Famous statesman and diplomativ genius Donald Trump found out there is an election coming with a large Jewish clientele and Bibi Netanjahu from Israel found out same. So they decided to organize a big nonsense show claiming that peace would be near in the Middle East if only everybody involved would sign Mr Kushner´s line of ideas. To make the Palestinians jump with joy they proposed to finally confiscate most of the settlers areas, allow the Palestinians a capital in kind of a suburb somewhere and declare Jerusalem ( all of it ) capital of Israel. Excellent. All Palestinians are currently assembling to praise peacekeepers Trump and Netanjahu , probably calling their future capital Trump-City. I heard trump on the radio this morning sitting in my motorcar. The real frightening aspect is that the Donald really seems to believe that any Palestinian soul might agree to this masterpiece of a comedy.
  8. Neither the origin nor the final structure of this virus have been identified. Many virologists are working on it and the result shall be published accordingly. After the outbreaks in the past proper tools are available. I pray it is not Beer Singh that is the origin.
  9. Sir, although Europe´s leading political analyst I do not fully understand the impeachment-mecanics. What I do know is that it is a political act and does not belong to jurisdiction. Would the latter be the case I am sure the Donald would be put behind bars weeks ago. I translate the process into the German environment although we do not have ( thanks God) a presidential system: Election coming and the Merkel establishes a lawyer seeking contact with the Ukraine to help r promoting dubious material against the son of a political rival who tries to become chancellor. To make the Ukrainians understand what she wants she would withhold substantial aid which has already been approved by the parliament til Ukraine agrees to her request. I estimate the survival time of candidate Merkel as probably 1 week and she would be slaughtered by the public and her own party.
  10. Mr Cavanami being a reliable source for any kind of internetbased nonsense this is another fine example. Fatality rate of 15 % would mean about 900 dead against 6000 infected. Would I have to visit China right now I would just do it by wearing a ( useless) mask and rubber gloves at any time except possible boomboom. This virus spreads by physical contact and washing hands all the time is essential. In general: the current panic-virus causes influenza-like disease with feaver and could be fatal to people whose body-defences are weak because they are old or sick. This is not the black death. The current panic-virus is much less lethal than the yearly ordinary standard influenza-spreading that kills thousands of people in Germany alone each winter. ( Cav : due to migrants, Merkel, coloured people and general socialism). Unless the Chinese stop eating anything that moves it will happen again and again.
  11. Nothing more fresh available than from July 2019? Anyhow, thank you for bringing up the case. First quarter 2019 13 people were killed by immigrants, 5 of them possibly blonde Arians and the rest black or brown and therefore do not really count am I right Cav? While researching I came across this : Annual Gun Violence Impacting People of All Ages in the U.S. Every year, 113,108 people are shot. Among those: 36,383 people die from gun violence 12,830 are murdered I agree with your findings that the US are doing ok, at least from an undertakers point of view.
  12. I watched Bernie Sanders speaking to a crowd last night, hard to imagine the man being POTUS. But on the other hand nobody thought a dubious property shark would ever be.
  13. Picture sexually degrading I am upset .
  14. BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!! Ten thousands of Ukrainians working for Ukrainian gas companies !!!!! (The truth) Trump innocent
  15. I am waiting for Dr Corsi or the freak in the leather jacket to explain why Bolton is and has always been an idiot . I did actually think so myself but I seem to have been wrong . This is now really bad for Don Donald , something seems to have changed .
  16. Gentlemen, no doubt Don Donald with consigliere McConnell and his bunch of slaves called Republican Senators shall get out of the impeachment without removal from presidency. In a rare agreement with the Don I hope it shall be over soonest so that the Dems might finally start something that looks like an attack. Recently Donald could be seen talking to some guys from Ukraine whom he said he did not know plus Bolton now conforming he used US funds to put the Ukraine under pressure. The Dems should hammer this into public channels every day but is Bernie the one to lead the troops? Schiff should be put under Secret service protection before the Don´s hitmen get him : "He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!"
  17. Coss it is actually much worse than that. Sitting on a plane from Lisbon recently a maybe 28 years old Portuguese lass from Lisbon sitting next to me asked where I just came from and I answered Alcacer do Sal which is about 1 hour Lisbon and fairly famous for his historical background. Mademoiselle had never heard about it. This is like a Bangkok guy had nerver heard about Kanchanaburi. The guy who does our garden came back from a holiday in Southern Germany and when I wanted know which bigger city was near to that place he did not know. Result of navigation equipment on his smartphone. Found his hotel but no idea where it was. I could go on. Which leads us to for example Russian organisations influencing the US election by spreading all kind of shite over the net. People read it and believe it, look at Cavanami´s bullshit news sources. Sorry off topic but it had be vented. None of any timewaster kindergarden outfits like facebook, instagram and what have you more is part of the BuBi world. They can write what they want, doesn´t matter to me. If I want to know the truth I read Playboy or watch Thaisexygirl.com.
  18. Mr Steve what I think is the basic inner reason for them supporting a subject like Trump is rage targeting at a class of people that they think is doing better than them . Trump with his primitivity crosses the border of reasonable human behaviour and his followers feel suddenly united behind somebody who does not care about any established ways of civilised intercourse . They think they have a friend .
  19. Gentlemen, do yourself a favour and google Trump´s speech at the Davos meeting yesterday. As the biggest job creator in human history he achieved a monthly growth in jobs of about 191.000. Congratulations from the THAI360 forum but Obama managed 217.000. He was further phantasizing about clean coal, where he does actually have a point as far as against his promises to strengthen the coal industry more and more mines are closing for economic reasons and consequently helping to keep the air clean. A hopeless case.
  20. I was just listening to President Donald´s opening speech of the Davos conference ; anybody who did not know that the US have become a paradise within the last, well , 3 years now got the details. Worth listening , gentlemen .
  21. I believe the virus has been there all the time and just now jumped out of Hillary´s email server. Wait for details from Dr Corsi and the nervous Patriot.
  22. Which does not matter in the Trump universe. Repeat nonsense often enough and they think it is fact. Over the weekend I watched a couple a Trump townhall meetings to keep my aversion alive. Result is that in comparison the rocketman from Korea looks like of aristocratic behaviour although they seem to visit different hairstylists.
  23. A building of tasteless horror but why not move the tent city people here, Donald the ever caring Father Theresa.
  24. Cav´s figures are for " third quarter", maybe CS talks about total.
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