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  1. This is not only a facebook problem. When I*m in Thailand I'm often redirected to pages in Thai which I don't understand. This aparently is due to the fact that th ip adress shows where you are. How you could be resirected to a Japanese I don't understand.
  2. Windows is not the answer, Windows is the question, the answer is NO.

    2016 F1

    Absolutely and in Finland they could choose the fine sport of hurling rubber boots. This is a big sport in Finland and they have the world record which is 291,16 m. The record is the total length by a team of six and was noted in 2014. Aparently this is a rather dangerous sport where people have broken their necks.

    Oh Deer

    We have a saying in Sweden: The last idiot isn't born yet. The video could demonstrate this.
  5. Johan Cruyff, one of the worlds best fotball players of all times.
  6. "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends." The qoute is from "Brain salad surgery" one of my favourites, Another favourite is "Pictures at an exhibition". Modest wrote the music and ELP does a great version. I have it both on video and vinyl.
  7. Actually Sweden has quite a lot of guns. Hunting is big here. There are also very strict regulations on how to use and store guns.
  8. This makes me feel old. "Friday on my mind" was one of my favourites when I was young.
  9. Merry Xmas from Sweden too.
  10. Maybe the real problem is the "The worlds expanding poulation", the worlds resources aren't limitless, also including insects. When I was young many people saw the fish in the see as a limitless resource. Today we know that this was wrong. Perhaps one should start looking at the very powerful forces that oppose family planning and the impact on the environment by their agenda.
  11. I've seen it several times. Definitely a good movie.
  12. The only way to fight this is to fight religious nutters.
  13. Firefox from 1982. Not one of Clint Eastwoods best but the flight scenes at the end of the movie arew still awesome.
  14. No. 13. released in 1972, six years after the first which was "Freak out".
  15. Sexy night used to be one of the best bars NP. Not the best looking ladies or the youngest but with the best attitude. I was there in Jan. this year and things had changed. Perhaps the time for small friendly bars like this belongs to the past. Thailand is changing and NP with it. That said I will still go there every time I'm in BKK until the place becomes unbearable.
  16. Why not after all LISP was inveted by John McCarthy at MIT.
  17. I have used Recuva for several years and it works fine.
  18. Swedish author Henning Mankell dies at the age of 67. He wrote mainly crime stories and his books were translated to 40 different languages, among them were German and English. TV series about his best known character , the small town police chief Kurt Wallander, were made several times. One of them was Brittish.
  19. It might be possible if they were evenly distributed over Europe in enirety. As of now Germany and Sweden take the major part of te load. Germany takes musch more than Sweden but is also nearly ten times bigger(populationwise).
  20. That's how the international aircraft manufacturers work. The Swedish manufaturer SAAB makes parts for both Boeing and Airbus. I'm sure that the same goes for Spanish Casa and many other smaller aircraft companies.
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