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  1. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    It was the ladder. Can’t figure that bit out.
  2. radioman

    Global RIP thread

    This was a couple of days ago but hadn't seen it reported. Maybe not many here who would have known her. https://www.bbc.com/news/45409341 Actress Fenella Fielding has died at the age of 90 after suffering a stroke. She was a serious actress remembered for a single, stand-out comic performance. Fenella Fielding survived a violent upbringing to play Ibsen, Shakespeare and Euripides on stage. As an artist, her sheer versatility captivated both Federico Fellini and Noel Coward. This was a woman of wit and wisdom who kept a copy of Plato beside the bed. But, for millions, that serious side is long forgotten. Instead, she will forever be Valeria: the camp vamp star of Carry On Screaming - draped on a divan in a skin-tight dress; her voice oozing with sex appeal and sporting eyelashes like upturned claws. She turned down all future Carry On work but the die was cast. In the public mind, she was the quintessential Sixties femme fatale, delivering double entendres with lashings of false innocence. And sadly, as a performer, her career slowly drifted into obscurity almost as soon as she uttered her most immortal line. "Do you mind if I smoke?" Fenella Fielding with Harry H Corbett in Carry On Screaming.
  3. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    WTF? I thought this was the joke thread. That last post was eerily prescient. Plenty of people out there who want at least this, and more. πŸ˜”
  4. radioman

    Germany Thread

    I appreciate it is a "controversial" view, I'm just not convinced that those who will have to deal with longer term impact were appropriately heard. At a UK general election the term is typically 5 years so most people even of advanced age might reasonably expect to experience the benefits or failings from any given choice. Brexit is more of a "forever" deal that will only really impact several years on. Given the nature of the question asked I think there is still a reasonable divide across the age group of say 18-70. Would the result have been the same, who knows, but I think it might have been less prejudiced by a slightly intransigent mindset prevalent among those who will say "I ate vem bluudy krauts!" or "I don't want no bleedin foreign johhnys on my patch!"
  5. radioman

    Germany Thread

    Yes, if they are entitled to vote then I don't see why Abdul and Mohammed can't vote, so long as they are British, have UK passport etc etc. At 85 it's unlikely anything your father might argue for now is relevant. With or without brexit his end of life care is unlikely to be greatly affected any more than it already is. Which by the way I happen to think it is already greatly affected thanks to incompetence in immigration going back decades. My mother, similar age to your father, said the same thing, "Why do I need to vote, it's already too late for my lot, we're the ones who messed it up in the first place".
  6. radioman

    Germany Thread

    This piece from 2012 makes for interesting reading. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/9770633/The-EU-so-where-did-it-all-go-wrong.html and here's another one from as far back as 2006 that might give some insight for our non-EU friends http://www.vernoncoleman.com/howthebritishmedia.htm My apologies, this is the Germany thread. I do hope Nasiadai keeps posting his input, it's very interesting, don't mean to thread fuck.
  7. radioman

    Germany Thread

    There was a referendum in 1975, 2 years after Heath achieved a solid house majority to enter the EEC (Common Market) The referendum at that time, another binary choice, achieved a 67% Yes to staying in. I do agree the most recent referendum was a knee jerk reaction and totally inappropriate for it to have been a binary choice. Had there been a shopping list I'm confident the results would have been very different. When you consider how many things will change after leaving the EU and how many were given coverage during the campaign it seems clear it was all BS. I think the first thing the referendum should have done was exclude anyone over the age of say 70-75 from voting. Most likely any outcome would not have an impact on the remainder of their lives.
  8. radioman

    Germany Thread

    Several videos on YouTube which, if you give them any credence, suggest that even if immigration were stopped right now with no more movement into countries like Germany or the UK the simple fact of the typical average birthrate of the various groups suggests that within a few generations there will be a dominant muslim population.
  9. radioman

    Germany Thread

    @ Nasiadai Many thanks for your comments, well detailed and clear, as I expected. I don't see the explanations as too long, any shorter and the lost detail can lead to misunderstandings. I've long known about the Turkish people in Germany and always thought they integrated quite well. I have a good friend who is second generation Austrian with Turkish parents, educated and with a good position I would say he is exactly what people would hope for when they think about welcoming outsiders. My understanding is that Germany, like many of the more advanced European nations lacks the number of unskilled labourers it needs so a certain amount of immigration at the lower levels is useful, the problem as you indicate is where supply far exceeds demand and the situation deteriorates, yet I think that is only one factor and there are many. Birth rate is clearly a major long term driver, if every couple has just one child then the general population drop over time is significant. Having 2 kids simply replaces the parents so the population is essentially stable. More than 2 leads to a population increase in time. Look at the likely birth rates across different groups to see where the weight of numbers that will long term drive government policy come from. Radioman = very much white Englander, fast approaching the 6th decade, 3rd decade in Thailand but always interested in western situations especially as I view them from outside.
  10. radioman


    Just can't beat a good comedy I'm okay with the "All Aussies are fake" bit though πŸ˜‚
  11. radioman

    Germany Thread

    Some very interesting insight in these posts here. In a similar vein I might suggest a recent short documentary from the BBC and now available on iPlayer ( for the next 25 days) Called "A tale of two Swedens": For decades Sweden has been held up as a model society: prosperous, egalitarian and well-integrated. But in recent years a counter-narrative has taken hold. According to this story, Sweden is a nation where liberal values, a generous welfare state and an open-door policy towards refugees have led to a crime wave that threatens to spiral out of control. Against this backdrop, Sweden is holding a general election in which an anti-immigrant party, with its roots in the Neo-Nazi movement, is threatening to upset 'politics-as-usual'. So what is going on? Gabriel Gatehouse goes to Sweden to find out. You will likely need a vpn with a UK ip address at least to watch it unfortunately. To stick to the German element of the thread I wonder at what point do immigrants gain the right to vote? Secondly, which parties do immigrants tend to vote for? Is there any sort of trend that would suggest the large number of immigrants could strengthen the the authority of any one party over its rivals?
  12. radioman

    What does this say?

    Guessing the tattoo guy took one look and thought, ooh nice white and squidgy, just like a fresh spring roll πŸ˜‚
  13. Face has always been a factor in Thailand, and a lot of other countries, in all sorts of things from business to personal relationships just about anything can involve face but now your face might be giving away secrets you never knew. The rather tragic case of what appears to have been a murder/suicide in Seattle involving two Thai women has provoked significant discussion as might be expected some of which sounds quite controversial yet on further searching yields some interesting studies suggesting that facial features can be a way to determine someones sexual orientation. The premise being in the Seattle case that the older woman was the aspirant Tom hoping to secure the affections of the younger Dee who we are led to assume spurned her provoking a rather typical Thai soap opera style outcome. Sounds rather nutty at first but it does seem studies have been done into this that suggest it might have some value: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Facial+Structure+Predicts+Sexual+Orientation+in+Both+Men+and+Women https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23813041 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19830539 https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/ai-gay-faces-facial-recognition-study-claims-artificial-intelligence-a7936851.html I'm quite fascinated, and it would make for a cool movie. Anything to make it easier to spot that super hot bi-sexual chick who's into a bit of everything.
  14. radioman

    Jack Ma retiring, but that pic?

    It's uncanny for sure.
  15. Where did you get that head?