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Problem with 11 and 18


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What's wrong with saying "sip baad" for 18 and how can that possibly be misconstrued for "sip et"? I would assume if you use "sip" then the taxi guy should know the second part is also Thai and not Engrish. Then again, nobody accused Thai taxi drivers of being smart.

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The difference when you try to speak some "correct Thai" (not soi song song for example).


Is that 18 and 11 are very (at least fo westerners) similar when you try to pronounce it, especially if it starts raining and you stop a taxi and try to convince the bastard to take you on board....


Usually I do not have bad suprises but sometimes I had.

"sip pheeeeet" and "siped" sound very similar to me...


And I am definitely not fluent in Thai but for basic survival things this is better to speak

"correctly" the local language

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Because for all other numbers and basic stuff they perfectly understand me...


In all these years, I had twice the bad suprise to be misunderstood...

Ended up in soi 11 instead of my drinking hole and ST/LT hotel in soi 18


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