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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

Truth and facts...

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8 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Coss, I need to find a virgin to sacrifice to the almighty Trump god. Can you spare one? 

As to virgins, I'd be remiss not to mention some who may have already been sacrificed.

This Ghislaine Maxwell, whilst certainly no virgin, is queuing for potential sacrifice.

I am awaiting, with a magnificent sense of impending schadenfreude, the outcomes of the matters for which she is being detained incommunicado.

So in my view, there are three different, potential sacrifices looming.

1/. the victims already flagged, various girls (it seems no boys) that are now adult.

2/. Ghilsaine.

3/. one or more notable though not reputable men, not limited to Trump, Andrew, Musk, Clinton... 

Observe, that according to popular wisdom "Epstein didn't kill himself" and may thereto count as a sacrifice already concluded.

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My worry is that, far from, beating a dead horse, we are witnessing a a phenomenon ,that might not go away. Like the guy in the Monty Python movie, who being brought out, to the call of "Bring out your dead" says, "I'm not quite dead yet"...

And if we are tempted to think that the current Trumpism, or the mass popularity of unsuitable and debatably evil individuals, is an outlier occurrence, take the time to read about this massacre 3 months ago, the story of which and containing the below photo is here...

Long read. Suitable for folk with an attention span.



Religion and Politics....If the richest people treated their peasants right, there's be no uprisings, to overthrow the top tier, and thereto, no need to send in the guns to kill lots of people to protect the money supply.

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Excellent. Characterless swine of galactical dimension Ted Cruz spoke, saviour of the working classes. I suggest he might be awarded the Ministry of racial cleanliness and rewhitening of the country. Not really white himself he could buy some cream from 7/11 to smear on face and arse.

Later today Führer Donald comes. He will apologize for not having done anything for thousands of countrymen who died from the virus and later explain that certified murderer Prince Mohamed bin Salman has never been his friend and he hates him. Like Jeffrey.

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Even if you are a Republican, Ted Cruz isn't fit to lead you. He has no spine. Any supporter of Cruz says a lot about themselves more than anything else. Cruz is the ultimate beta small "b".  I wouldn't be surprised if he likes watching his wife get fucked...not that I'm judging him or anyone if they do. I've been asked once or twice by the odd couple here or there over the years. ;) 

Anyway, it's hard to believe Dershowitz saying he was by far the brightest student he's taught at Harvard Law School. It speaks more about Dershowitz than anything else. Cruz was mage laude but there are a lot of people who were. Obama was editor of the law review for example. Top student. I've yet to see any thing that resembles superior intellect out of him. Any. 

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...and the bill proposed by Rep. Hall? The bill would not allow USA tax payer funds to be given to any CCP, commie party owned businesses...but the commie, globalist demonrats voted it down!!!


Clear who owns the demonrats!!!




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The USA Federal government is farked. The states must step up and do the fix, like Oklahoma, passing a bill in which they can reject dumb Joe's executive orders or like Texas which continues to deport illegal, while the Supreme court considers.

The swamp will never fix the swamp. Thank you Texas and Oklahoma!!!

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And the Führer spoke to the crowd:

In his first public remarks since leaving the White House, he also dangerously lashed out at Supreme Court justices for failing to intervene to throw him the election he clearly lost to President Joe Biden.
"They should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done to our country ... the Supreme Court didn't have the guts or the courage to do anything about it," Trump fumed in an authoritarian speech at the  CPAC, in Orlando, Florida, referring to false fraud claims thrown out by multiple judges.
Nothing new really but again it shows that the man has no idea about how a democracy works.
I am glad Donald is back, I felt bored.
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