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Serious question. Why didn't anyone jump him while he was reloading?


Certainly, I would have attempted to jump him. But I have had some training in such.


Most were over 60 years of age with some children.


The young lad legally purchased the .45 himself. The uncle story came first but has been disproved.


I have been verbally and physically abused by professionals. So jumping him would have been a piece of cake for me.

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...and the rest of the story...




SUBOXONE: The Psych Drug Behind The Charleston Church Shooting?


Suboxone is a powerful psychoactive drug which is utilized in breaking heroin and narcotic pain reliever addictions




...Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was a known drug user who was caught with the powerful mind-altering narcotic Suboxone when apprehended by police during an incident on Feb. 28.[2]...




The bottom line here is that powerful psychoactive and/or psychotropic drugs can push young people into all sorts of highly anti-social and destructive behavior. The presence of these drugs is rarely, if ever, discussed in the mainstream media in the wake of events like Charleston. The focus is always on the usage of a gun(s), rather than the radically altered state of mind of the shooter.


The following article link contains a compilation of similar shootings and spells out a compelling narrative which seems to prove the direct influence of psychotropic drugs in these shocking episodes. It also points directly to the fundamental responsibility that ought to be shared by those pharmaceutical companies which manufacture and distribute these dangerous drug medications.



Other drugs linked to mass killers have more often been geared toward treating mental illness. According to a data set of U.S. mass shootings from 1982-2012 prepared by Mother Jones magazine, of 62 mass shootings carried out by 64 shooters, the majority of the shooters (41) were noted to have signs of possible mental illness — the precise kinds of mental illnesses that psychotropic medications are prescribed for. [2]

This investigative study provides an indisputable body of scientific evidence which clearly points to a causal relationship between various psych drugs and extreme violence. What is particularly curious is why the government never addresses these quite obvious correlations. Instead, the authorities only speak to the utilization of a gun in the commission of the crimes.


Perhaps the time is now to shift attention to the dangerously mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs which regularly trigger this unacceptable conduct. The guns will always be there, just as knives will always be available. Therefore, only by addressing the root causes will this epidemic of shootings be brought to an end.

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Maher Tells Bernie Sanders: Your Campaign Must Be Working ‘You’ve Got Hillary Talking Like Elizabeth Warren’



Friday night Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got the rock star treatment from Real Time host Bill Maher who praised the darkhorse candidate’s campaign for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, telling the fiercely liberal senator that his run from the left has forced consensus favorite Hillary Clinton to start “talking like Elizabeth Warren.


"Walking onto the stage to chants of “Ber-nie, Ber-nie†the Vermont independent sat down and explained that his campaign was about something other than normal politics, stating, “It’s a very radical idea: we’re going to tell the truth.â€


“The truth is that, for forty years, the middle class of this country has been disappearing. And there has been a huge transfer of billions of dollars of working families to the top one-tenth of one percent.†Sanders said. “And what the people of this country are saying is, ‘Enough is enough, our government, our country, belongs to all of us, not just a few billionaires.'â€


“So let’s dig down a little deeper into the campaign,†Maher replied. “I mean you are closing the gap on Hillary, but obviously she’s still way ahead with women. You do very well with men and the older — older men, especially. Now some women you will just never get…I don’t mean you personally.â€


Maher went on to advise the candidate that “You could do well with younger voters. They liked Ron Paul. He was not a young-un, but he had that same authenticity thing going,†before jokingly asking Sanders “Are you on Tinder?â€


Sanders explained that his campaign has "a very active social media effort.â€


“In the Senate, we have more people on our Facebook page, than any other member of the United States Senate,†he said, before adding, “Look, what we want to do is tap the idealism of the kids. And what the kids are saying, for example, is that this country should lead the world in transforming our energy system and dealing with climate change. And that solution we’re going to talk about a whole lot.â€




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Continuous news coverage daily on the tele.

Upper New York state prison escape. Now into 3rd week.


But beyond all that I never knew that the US Border Patrol has a Tactical SWAT Team. Good Lord. One more US government agency with a military style police department.




Plattsburgh, New York (CNN)Richard Matt, one of two escaped murderers from an upstate New York maximum-security prison, was shot and killed by officers involved in a massive three-week manhunt, three law enforcement sources said Friday.


Officers are still pursuing fugitive David Sweat but don't have eyes on the convict, two law enforcement sources said.

Matt apparently shot at a driver in a camper near Malone, New York, a federal law enforcement source said. The driver called 911. When officers arrived, gunfire erupted and Matt was shot dead.


Matt was shot by a border patrol tactical team, a federal law enforcement source said.

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The end of civilization as we know it.

Well, at least in the US of A.


Who the hell wrote the US Constitution anyway?



"The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday made marriage for same-sex couples legal nationwide, declaring that refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the Constitution.


The landmark ruling will produce the most significant change in laws governing matrimony since the court struck down state bans on inter-racial marriage almost 50 years ago.


The majority opinion in the 5-4 decision was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy.


"No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were," Kennedy wrote. "As some of the petitioners in these cases."


Source: NBC News


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights,"


This lists men only. What was Thomas Jefferson thinking?

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