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'We don't make mistakes' Donald Trump says, before introducing police boss by wrong name


Donald Trump has been caught on camera making a hilarious gaffe, the moment after he trumpeted, "We don't make mistakes."


The US President hosted what was termed a "listening session" with national security advisers in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on Tuesday (US time), but apparently had not been all ears, according to news.com.au.


Before the session got under way, Mr Trump complained to those gathered in the room that, in something he apparently did not expect in the role of the world's most powerful leader, people were always paying attention when he spoke.


"It's always live for me, you know, unfortunately, other guys make a speech and nobody cares, with me, everything's live," he said.


"One mistake and it's no good. We just can't make mistakes, right?


"So, we don't make mistakes. Go ahead, Ken."


The problem was, the name of the man sitting next to him was not Ken.

Unperturbed, however, he continued.


"I'm Chuck Canterbury, the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police from South Carolina."



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Just caught something on BBC news - Apparently Trump held a press event to Trumpet (geddit?) the signing of two executive orders, but because of reporter's questions he left without signing at least one of them, perhaps both.

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Kimmel is a fucking idiot, just another leftie professor. It's always whitie's fault ... and it's always the men's fault.


So then how does he explain this?


Hillary Clinton failed to win over black, Hispanic and female voters - the charts that show why she lost the presidential election




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