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A win for the sane?


US President Donald Trump removes adviser Steve Bannon from National Security Council




Steve Bannon's addition to the National Security Council had sparked concerns from Donald Trump critics.



President Donald Trump has removed chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council, reversing an earlier, controversial decision to give Bannon access to the high-level meetings.


A new memorandum about the council's composition was published on Wednesday (Thursday NZ Time) in the Federal Register. The memo no longer lists the chief strategist as a member of the Principals Committee, a group of high-ranking officials who meet to discuss pressing national security priorities.


Tom Bossert, the assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, also had his role downgraded as part of the changes.


A senior White House official said on Wednesday (Thursday NZT) that Bannon was initially placed on the national security council after Trump's inauguration as a measure to ensure implementation of the president's vision, including efforts to downsize and streamline operations at the NSC.


Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was at the helm of the NSC at the time, but the official says Bannon's role on the committee had nothing to do with the troubles facing Flynn, who was later asked to resign for misleading the administration about his communication with Russian officials.


The senior White House official was not authorised to discuss changes that have not been formally announced and spoke on condition of anonymity.


The new memo also restores the director of national intelligence and the Joint Chiefs chairman to the principals committee.


Bannon's addition to the NSC sparked concerns from Trump critics, who said it was inappropriate for the political adviser to play a role in national security matters.



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So, as ill informed as I am, does this mean Trump is keeping Obama Care?


Before Obamacare there was a completely broken health care system. Meaning millions of people, working people, couldn't afford enough health care to meet normal needs or catastrophic events. Almost 2/3 of personal bankruptcies were due to medical bills. The rest of the G8 nations? Pretty much 0. Completely embarrassing for the worlds biggest economy and self proclaimed 'leader of the free world' and the country that has the 'most freedom'.


Obamacare was fought tooth and nail by the GOP. I think for 2 reasons. 1 is that they (and some Dems) are owned by the health industry. The health industry fought it. Was it because they thought it was going to be worse for people to get health care? No. It was based purely on them not enjoying the highest wages and profits in the world any longer. Not that the workers wouldn't still get paid well or big Pharma, doctors, HMOs, etc, wouldn't still make a ton of money, no, not obscene amounts. Second, it was Obama. My guess is they knew it would work if fully implemented and the GOP didn't want Obama to have any wins even if it was good for America. Ending Obama was more important than what was good for the people that voted them in. So, they gutted as much of it as they could. The Obamacare we got wasn't the Obamacare that was proposed.


Many of the issues with Obamacare was related to things kept out of it. Circular argument for the GOP. Gut as much out of it and then campaign on what it doesn't do and it doesn't do it because they made sure it wasn't in it.


Here's the problem. Obama played chess. He knew once the people got it, they would see it as much better than the hodge podge, broken system before. The poorest states, which happens to be most of the red states, got covered from Medicaid expansion.


Trump and the GOP can't get rid of it. Their people don't want to lose it. The Freedom Party (aka Tea Party) are complete nut cases. Sorry if some of you are on here but they are. For example, their policy is my way or the highway. No compromise. In politics there are some things you don't compromise on but the government can not function, no representative government can function without compromise. They won't on any issue. Hence a couple shutdowns. They would rather blow up the system and start over from the ashes than work with the opposition to fix any issues. Doesn't matter if lives are lost in said blow up. Its the cost of doing business, the cost of their version of 'freedom'.


Anyway, Obama wins even if it seems Obamacare is changed. Why? Before Obama, national healthcare was a non starter. The Clintons tried it and lost, prior Dems floated it and it wasn't considered. The American people now want some form of national health care. It may come in a different form as Obamacare but it will be some national healthcare no matter who is in office.

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Bannon is white nationalist/supremacist. Lets call it what it is. Breitbart is a white nationalist publication. Always was and by definition racist. They had/have (not sure if they still do, have not looked at it for a few years) a section called 'Black Crime'. What objective serious 'news organization' has a section that focuses purely on what crime black people commit? Ignoring that numbers wise whites commit far more and also that crime overall, especially black crime has been decreasing steadily for 30 years and also crime is and always has been a function of poverty. Middle class and upper middle class blacks aren't carjacking and robbing stores or selling crack. Makes sense to everyone else.


Anyway, Bannon's access and so called alt right, who are neo nazis. Its the same. They re-branded themselves several years ago for recruitment purposes. No millenial is going to even listen to you if you are a neo nazi from the start but if you say you are 'alt right' you at least get him to listen initially and then shape him slowly to accepting your ideology.


Bannon has been allowed to put neo nazis in various departments as career bureaucrats so that even if they lose power they will always have a presence deep rooted in all facets of the government. That is the scariest part. Career bureaucrats drive policy in most instances. Having these racists in there permanently lets them control from within.




For obvious reasons they scare the shit out of me. They deeply believe some upcoming 'race war' will happen. I can assure from 'our side' there are no such plans (lol) but they believe it and its sort of a self fulfilling prophecy thing with them. They will do things to push blacks, latinos, jews, seeing it as a defense against a race war by initiating one. Crazy? Yeah, I know.


The gen x and gen y like my sister's and brother's kids grew up in most of America in a very diverse America. Classmates of various backgrounds. The young alt rights who believe this stuff grew up in homogeneous towns. They have very few diverse friends, etc. Large urban centers and their suburbs are diverse in people and orientation. Its why Bernie's movement took off with young people to some extent. There are larger factors but they liked Bernie's inclusion politics as opposed to Trump's exclusion politics.

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The World War I Museum in Kansas City marked the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War 1 yesterday. Dignitaries from over 30 countries were here for the somber remembrance. A flyover by several French fighter jets were included in the ceremony. With the magnitude of WWII, it's hard to remember that most of the political problems of the 20th century were created by the way WWI ended. Some of these problems, like the Middle East, continue today.

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Even though I agree with sorting out the Syrians when they (I don't know which side but the recent evidence is Assad) use Sarin, Trump blitzing that airfield raises the stakes with Russia and questions the supposed friendship he may have had with Putin.


Hate to say it, this could escalate.

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A Russian warship has entered the eastern Mediterranean Sea Friday and is heading toward the two U.S. Navy destroyers that launched missile strikes into Syria, Fox News has learned.

The Russian frigate, Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494, crossed through the Bosphorus Strait “a few hours ago†from the Black Sea, according to a U.S. defense official.

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