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Over 50 years ago, the USA descended into a dark pit of corruption. For years it was hidden and anyone

who sought to expose it was labelled a conspiracy nut job. All the while the lies and corruption increased.


Only now, thanks to Trump has some of this been exposed. The dark state, the swamp. Nearly all aspects

of the US government is involved in this swamp.


When "they" killed JFK and after nothing was done, they were emboldened to carry on.

They killed RFK.

They had their war in Vietnam.

They had their gun running and drug trades.


For the weak minded, they focus on tweets and other nonsense. They focus on the rubbish from the LSM.

They cannot think past what the Kardasians are doing while North Korea continues to improve their missile program.

They demand their rights while ignoring their responsibilities.


Everyone is focused on President Trump while the dark state works to undermine him but with no better candidate

offering, it will be Trump for 2020.

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Mostly I agree with you, except that you think Trumps is somehow, doing something good.


He is not the best you have, he is just as, bottom of the pond, scum, that you've pointed out is bad about America.


He's not draining the swamp, he's perpetuating it whilst spouting, "look at me, I'm draining the swamp"

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Oh and before you blame me, for pointing this out, Trump is now fighting the Prime Minister of Britain in further tweets.


kUuht00m_normal.jpgDonald J. Trump




.@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!

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Trump is a business not a politician. He will keep the weak minded distracted while he works to make the USA better.


I can only hope that Trump is not the best in the USA...but my recent research on the death of RFK, which was 50 years ago,

strongly suggest that there will be none better.


How can the USA have better people in politics when the LSM is so biased that they stopped reporting the news and have

descended into the swamp.

If the LSM can't bring down a decent candidate, then they will kill them!


Wikileaks confirmed that Seth was the leaker on the DNC scandal. Now the lovely Donna has confirmed the scum in the DNC.


There are excellent docos on Youtube regarding the killing of RFK and that was 50 years ago....and things have gotten worse.


For sure, if Trump gets too close to "them", they will have him killed, the precedent is well established.


No matter who is president of the USA they will have to tread lightly.

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Impeach Trump have a new election


Hopefully someone less unable will come to the fore, my preference would be Bernie Sanders, but allowing for the Republicans in the world, someone who can at least behave like president would be better.

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And taking a break from Trump and the LSM..


I've seen advertising for two phenomena, that seem well accepted by the American Public.



One is DealDash.com - an auctions site, where you can bid on new things, like computers and cameras and get them for a fraction of their retail price. Unlike a real auction, each bid you make is taken, so even though you may only bid 20 cents, each time you bid, the Deal Dash company keeps the 20 cents, so bid 5 times and you give Deal Dash $1.


So the way they make money is, hopefully, thousands of people bid away, pouring money into Deal Dash's coffers until a predetermined amount has been bid, like 1,000 people make 10 bids, which is $2,000 and then the last bid gets the @150 camera, or such like.


So whilst one person gets the great deal, all the other bidders get nothing but lose the money they bid.



And another, Ebates.com wherein the customer shops online and then at some point, the Ebates company give rebates to the customer for each and every purchase.


The customers are typically shown to be thrilled at getting lots of money back. What they had to spend is not mentioned.


So this is the sort of business I could live with :) I'll sell you some thing that costed me $5, but is priced at $10 and then I'll give you $1 back.


You can prolly get this thing elsewhere for $6, but I won't tell you that.


So if you buy lots of these things, think of all the money you'll get back :)


Easy... Yay I love America!

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