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<< In order to be 1/32nd, it have to be great great great grandmother. Time for a DNA test. >>

Then have her go for it. It only costs US$79 for an autosomal DNA test right now, and I'm sure she could afford it. I understand that Congress pays itself quite well it. :chili:And let's have Bill Clinton take it too, since he was conceived in Arkansas while his "father" was serving overseas in the Army during WWII. :xmsgrin:

BTW 1/32d is not enough to get on any tribe's membership rolls. :stirthepo


Flaash Darling, Im not defending her, my original point was that I thought that Trumperbelle was a dolt for using the term Pocahontas, at an event honouring The Navajo code talkers.


If you think Warren is a fraud, pity us here in NZ, where to be Maori, you only have to 'feel' like you are such, and where, even in my own family, someone who is genuinely part Maori (but could be someone who just feels like it) gets grants, not available to non Maori at University. Not fair, but we consider it a cost worth bearing, after the shit the Maori have put up with over time.




Always good to check your facts there on the island....


Trump's grandfather was a pimp and tax evader


per snopes





And finally a source I can believe - good on you Cavanami - but they're still a bunch of Cun*s...




if Snopes ever say something bad about Trump, are they Lame Stream or Believable?

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What ever Jesus boy says about Hillary or Obama, is of no interest to me, good or bad, they are no longer in a position to matter.


Trump on the other hand could make us all radioactive for a very long time.


And Trump's teen age approach to everything, is not gonna work for much longer. There will come a time, when "it's all for me" will upset even his base.


He's got a lot of problems with the Russia thing, and when his base understand the full implications of the Tax bill, he'll have even bigger problems.


'Verschlimmbessern': to make something worse when trying to improve it."



Any hoo

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<< I thought that Trumperbelle was a dolt for using the term Pocahontas, at an event honouring The Navajo code talkers. >>


So when hasn't he been a dolt? He's like that creepy kid that every classroom always seems to have at least one of. The fact that he was elected tells you just how big a snafu the Dems made by letting Hillary rig the nomination in her favour. The polls all showed Bernie had the best chance of winning, and even Trump said he was relieved at having to face the Hildebeast instead of Bernie. Both Hillary and Trump had very strong negative ratings, but at least Trump was someone new to learn to hate. He's not new any more, and I wonder how long it will be before he fires himself.




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Since *** you *** made the comment that Obozo was the best president, so by your our actions, you are

still on the Obozo wagon...


Since you missed a good analysis on Trump's tax plan...which appears mostly good...

erscheint meistens gut






if I see 3 Hyenas and one is better than the others, then I can say so. It doesn't mean I love Hyenas.


And I am also able say that number 2 Hyena is the stupidest one.


and the number 3 the more evil one.


it doesn't mean I support any of them.



But it does appear that there are a lot of people who do support the stupidest one and who view any one who doesn't, as supporting one of the other two.


You do know, that to comment on a politician's failings, one doesn't have to support any politicians, don't you?


They are all Hyenas, but the least bad of them, is the best.


it's just the english language.


Not rocket surgery....





Yep, I reckon that as usual you are correct.

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And this can't be dismissed as Media lies, I believe this, given the multiple, non US, sources.



No 10 condemns Trump's retweets of UK far-right leader’s anti-Muslim videos


Theresa May’s spokesperson says president was ‘wrong’ to share tweets from Jayda Fransen, who faces harassment charges


Donald Trump’s decision to retweet anti-Muslim videos posted by the deputy leader of a British far-right group has prompted a rare condemnation of the US president by Theresa May, whose official spokesperson called Trump’s actions “wrongâ€.


Trump’s decision to circulate the posts by Jayda Fransen of Britain First to his 43 million Twitter followers was also labelled “abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our country†by the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.......... https://www.theguard...ar-right-leader


http://www.bbc.com/n...nada-42166663 The video in this one is really worth watching, for Sarah Huckerbee Sanders, floundering and trying to talk about something else, when asked why Trump was retweeting hate videos.


Shock as Trump retweets British far-right activist - http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/shock-trump-retweets-british-activist-171129120828231.html

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Americans, I'm sorry that I take such delight, in denigrating the state of your government.


I am truly worried, now, that this hate mongering, is a prelude to something much more serious. After the North Korean missile launch, I get the feeling that Trump, will, do something, and that something may not be a good thing for anyone.

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