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Carter - -“I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about,â€


​I would expect this.


​Unless, they can come up with someone, Dumber than Trump, in which case, I would expect them to be harder on that person.


Oh there's always Donald Trump Jnr....

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Speaking of which, Dona Brazile said outright that Hillary had rigged the election, using Democratic Party money illegaly, before she had the nomination and shafting Bernie out of the nomination (in which he was considered to have a better chance to beat the Golden Haired Wonder). In other words Hillsie cheated ... and by doing so helped elect Wonder Boy.


But all that has been swept under the carpet as if it never happened. Though shalt not criticise the Clintons. They are part of the elite that run the government. The Trumps are crude outsiders, sort of like the Clampetts had moved into the White House.

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