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Greeks See Themselves As Most Hardworking In Europe. Europeans Disagree... :)

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So the Eurozone bails out Greece by giving/loaning/forgiving vast sums of money, the servicing of all of this makes life in Greece very austere, the Greeks (the people) would rather not have to suffer, they vote in a bloke who promises to make it all go away, in essence, they want a free ride. Democracy works obviously. Vote for easier times.

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semantic circles, IMHO


Had the Greeks not been rescued, thereby protecting the German Banks, they would have been relegated to peasantry for the foreseeable future, not a pleasant prospect for anyone. The Germans meanwhile would lose their uber-rock-hard reputation and they'd not like that.

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The bail out was to protect EU banks, specifically German banks. This changed private debt of the banks to public debt. So it is the EU banks getting the free ride. :devil:


That is a very correct way to put it and well said.


Lacking your diplomatic skills I would have used a term like "screwed the EU taxpayers" rather than public debt...


People often don't realise how much of foreign aid totals listed for countries are paying off old debts, in many cases decades old, to banks from the country "giving" the aid.

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