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Vatican Officially Recognizes Palestine


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It seems like the Vatican doing this means more than many countries doing it!




Vatican officially recognizes Palestine, while Israel fumes


The Vatican has become the latest country to recognize the state of Palestine, after a new treaty was finalized on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly Israel has hit out at the move, saying that it damages prospects for peace in the region.

The treaty, which was agreed, though has yet to be formally signed states the Vatican has switched its diplomatic allegiance from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine. It was finalized days before the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is due to visit Pope Francis.

Abbas is traveling to the Vatican to attend the canonization of four new saints by the Pope, two of which are Palestinian nuns. The move to grant them sainthood has been described as a "sign of hope" for the region by the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, Vatican Insider reports.




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The unsurprising Israeli comment has me perplexed. Maybe I can become more informed through this learned channel.


Which specific prospects for peace are damaged?



“Prospect for peace†means that U.S. foreign aid needs to increase each year.


After 99% of Palestinians are dead or gone the last five or six appear in a video thanking the Israeli soldiers for fighting the terrorists.


After the video their house is given to a family from Moldava or Ukraine. Then they have to leave.

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When they bombed some university/school in Gaza - the Western press went nuts.


Later it came out that some of the classes being taught were . . . . wait for it . . . "Bomb Making".


Gotta love those university "students".

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