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Woman Hit By Motorboat In Koh Tao


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A YOUNG British woman almost lost her leg when she was struck by a motorboat propeller while scuba diving off the coast of Thailand.



Alice Davies, 20, had the horror accident near the holiday island of Koh Tao, police said. Witnesses said Miss Davies suffered severe blood loss and two broken bones when the vessel hit her while reversing.


They told investigators the Briton was swimming back to shore with her party after completing a diving course. She has been taken to Thai International Hospital on nearby Koh Samui, where medical staff say she is recovering well. Police have traced the boat’s driver and are considering bringing criminal charges against him.


Foreign Office staff have also been notified and have offered Miss Davies’ family, from Southampton, consular assistance. Lieutenant Colonel Napha Senathip, of Koh Tao police, said his officers were waiting to interview Miss Davies.


“We are waiting to speak to the tourist and receive medical records about her injuries.


“Nevertheless, the driver confessed to the crime, and he is willing to compensate the victim because his boat has accident insurance.â€


The accident happened on Tuesday evening while Miss Davies was holidaying with friends on the island famous for scuba diving.


She was taken to Thai International Hospital on nearby Koh Samui, where doctors say she is in a stable condition.


Source : http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/583934/Alice-Davies-Thailand-motorboat

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No idea about rules in Thai waters , anybody in Europe swimming through the open seas does this on his own risk . For swimming or diving in immediate coastal waters different rules apply , buoys have to be shown by the divers etc . Without knowing further details I would be interested to know why this could have been a " crime " .

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