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America Has Definitekly Become Bizzaro-Land


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Every Thai gogo bar and nightclub in Bangkok has a sign in Thai on the door warning that guns and other weapons aren't allowed inside. I presume it is a legal requirement.


p.s. I heard gunfire several times when I lived in Phitsanulok, twice in the city's biggest hotel. (The rooftop had a nightclub, and fights often broke out there.) Once I had to drop when I found myself between a fleeing gold shop robber and a pursuing policeman. I also was near a shootout between police and an escaped killer in Bangkok, but fortunately I was out of the line fire. I've never been near a gunfight in the USA.

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Now what the hell was all that about?


Now being an ignorant limey my take on it was alcohol sales, if a premises took more than 51% of the income from alcohol they have to show a big fuck off sign 51% leave your guns at the door.




I am pretty sure that those signs used to be in English also, or maybe just at Hog's Breath circa 1995 OMG that was 20 years ago!

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