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America Has Definitekly Become Bizzaro-Land


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First, check out the average graduate salaries at http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/09/18/440973097/obama-wont-rate-colleges-so-we-did?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=planetmoney

Then look at what they are paying school janitors in NY City: http://nypost.com/2015/09/20/average-nyc-school-janitor-makes-109k-a-year/


How much longer can a country like that survive?




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Not as screwed up as it first appears.


For a start a Buildings Custodian Engineer is way above "Groundskeeper Willie" and the salary is made up of base salary plus overtime. Base hours in the US (to the best of my knowledge) are 38 hrs / week. So working 2 positions at 38 hours per week is 76 hours worked but 95 paid @ 1.5 time for overtime. So the hourly rate breakdown is $22.85 per hour which is only a little over 2.5 times the $8.75 state minimum but less than half the hourly rate of an MIT Graduate which is to be expected


Custodian Engineers may not be Harvard or MIT Grads but still have to be degree qualified graduates with a ticket for LP Boiler Operation and another 2 out of many including Air Compressors, Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Air Pollution Certification etc. Slightly more qualified than just pushing a mop, broom and rake around.


An old NY State Buildings Custodian Requirements attached


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Hey cunt, I haven't posted in this thread, so why bring me into this? I'll respond (Note to KS, "it" claims to have a cunt so I am addressing "it" by it's body parts) ,


While you are posting rules, why is you name still in Thai?


Rule here is English only, at least that is what K Sanuk has said for many years.


So how about changing your name to English,


And fucking off to boot.


old hand

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 19:27

Why isn't the USA Thread rule being inforced?

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