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Pattaya March 2017 - Experiences - Adventures - Impressions

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Preface 1:


This season I can't get to LOS (winter 2018).

I'm under medical treatment. There are lengthy and difficult investigations. My doctors advised me not flying to SEA in the winter months.

We have to wait for the results of the heart, blood pressure and circulation tests. The doctors want to develop an effective therapy against my unsteady restless circulation.

I also went to the dentist for urgent "repair works". My health insurance does not cover all costs for my cardiovascular examinations and dental treatment.

I have about 3000 Euro extra payments to make. 3000 Euro is a good pocket money on top for 3 weeks Pattaya.

Okay. That's the way it is.

The weather has been horrible in Germany for weeks. Dark, grey clouds, hardly any sunshine, temperatures between -2 to +6 degrees.




Snow is only available in the German mountain ranges above 600m and in the Alps. In addition, we have in these weeks

the longest period of darkness and only about 8 hours of daylight.

Yes, yes, I'd like to come, but I can't.

Next year, next season; I promise!

Now I have a lot of time to write trip reports ...


to be continued

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Preface 2:


I would like to be now here in this place:




This translation from the German original was hard work for me. It has been created with lots of perspiration and many glasses of red wine.

I apologize for linguistic inaccuracies, clumsinesses and errors in syntax.


I have been in SEA January, Feruary and March 2017.

I came on 29.12.2016 to Krung Thep. Spent 6 days with my Thai friends and their families.


One of my colonels became Herr General! He was promoted.

So we had a lot to celebrate and to drink.

Of course, on two nights there was time for a visit to the Nana Plaza and the lower Sukhumvhit.


On 4. of January I went with one of my Thai friends – one of the colonels - to Pattaya where we stayed 3 days and nights. One room, one bed – king size – and one mattress. So no girls visit.

Later I spent some weeks on the beach of Chumpon.

In February I visited Laos, Vientiane, Luang Prabang etc.

After having returned from Laos we spent 3 days in Pattaya again.

Then it was time for Burma and Yangoon.

Then in March followed the highlight of my stay this year in SOA - 3 weeks Pattaya.

I met some girls again, I became acquainted with in the last 3 years or better seasons.

Yes, I took some ladies for long time. But older ones: thirty something; 38, 40 years.

In my condition older girls are better for me.


During these 3 months I sent some travel reports via my email list.

There are about 25 people on my list; family, friends, acquaintances, my guys, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends etc. I wrote reports about my adventures and experiences I had

* with my Thai friends and their families

* on my favourite beach

* during my trip through Laos and later Burma.


to be continued

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When I was in Pattaya I wrote a special account for carefully selected male friends.

Here is a shortened and translated version.

I wrote:


Part 1:

25 March 2017 - 12.30 pm Pattaya time


Hello my friends, sawasdee krapp, moin moin,

I am sitting in the “Lovely Corner Bar†at the beachroad / corner Soi 7. Here I opened my office.





Time is tight, time is scarce, is valuable. Time means Sanuk, joy of life, euphoric mood. All this is fully tasted, enjoyed to the last drop. Here is a guy who enjoys the Pattaya life once again to the fullest.


I lam leading a pattayan life, I feel like a great artist at the beginning of the twentieth century who draws from the full, picking from an embarressment of riches, at any sacrifice, regardless of the consequences. every second, every minute; I revel, I rejoice, I enjoy myself, I taste, I am feasting. I bask in the smile of the girls, I live like Hans Liederlich = Jack Cockish, Jack Debauchery, a fast liver, and nevertheless I don't feel bad about nothing, feel free and happy. Or like the unforgotten Edith Piaf once sang “Non, Je ne regrette rien†---> No, I do not regret anything. Ich bereue nichts!

Just because I am wasting my energies – and my money too!!!




Khun Sanuk, I'm world champion in face erasure now. 55555555555



Here we have my three service girls from the Corner Bar

The right one has made a special impression on me – 38 years - she is wonderful.

At that time – March 2017 - she was a newbie, very limited English skills.


My esteemed Staint Peter, when I'll knock at your gates of heaven in some years and you let me in, then you must endeavour tremendously when you want to outperform,

to surpass Pattaya and its girls with your paradise, your shangri-la.


to be continued

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Part 2:


A walk through Soi 7.

The Bar „Rolling Live 4“ was one of my favourite places in the season December 2014 / February 2015. I reported about it.




sweet memories, sweet memories ...




That is lady xxx. She recognized me at once, rushed at me, threw her arms around my neck, embraced and kissed me, caressed and cuddled me „Hello Khun Charly! Nice to have you back.“




Today Lady xxx is 30 years young; and this time for this season she is accompanied by her 10 years younger sister.




Word up, sure not the prettiest. There are five or six thousand nicer girls in Pattaya. But they offer a wonderful warm-heartedness and I say it in the jargon of a hardcore Pattayan, they offer best girlfriend sex, girlfriend experience and take-care-feeling. Money invested and spent on these girls is the best investment. You get back from the girls exactly what is not compatible, not incommensurable with money: this exuberant effusive emotional affection.

But there is something to be done. A purely passive consumption does not work, does not lead to the desired aim ---> take-care feeling and girlfriend experience. You have to be polite and friendly, you must treat them as an equal partner, full of respect and dignity. What is the sociologist's terminus fo that? Right, reciprocity. A couple of compliments and everything is already in the desired direction. This is all self-evident. But most of the male Pattayans are stupid wooden heads - not all – they don't have a flexible behavioral repertoire, they have very limited English skills, they can not easily flirt with these girls. I have experienced this very often with German men. Oh my goodness! They make many mistakes. At that Pattayan creatures make it easy for men!


On one night I visited the “Funny Girl 4 Bar†in the small soi between soi 7 and soi 8.

It is the bar of wonderful Lady Pookie, I reported about her. Pookie was a great girl, took care of me, girl friend experience, friendly, charming, full trust, never had a quarrel. We spent about 12 days together.

Our relationsship was like that one of an old couple. I should better say: a relationship like father and daughter. It was like a role-play. I took over the role of the father and she performed the daughter. Sweet memories.




It was around midnight. I was drunk like Bachus, the god of wine. I could no longer distinguish, was not able to recognize what kind of girl I hugged, kissed, and held in my arms. Sorry, oh my goodness.

It must have been her big boobies attracting me. Really, I was drunk like a lord. Her big breasts were an erotic delectation. I enjoyed her delicious big boobies two days and nights.

I think BIG! I feel BIG! I like it BIG!


to be continued

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Part 3:


In this Gogo Bar „Gold“ in the LK Metro dances golden creature.

Gold does not exist any more! Gold closed end of December 2017!


Slender, petite, slightly fragile, slim legs, wonderful long hair; she barely weighs 48 kilos; and, to top it all off, this mademoiselle has tits ... absolute world class. Gorgeous, gently swinging, bouncing big breasts, boobies, bosoms, hooters with each of her dance moves. They are real, no plastic. Seeing her, watching her dancing I get crazy, the heart increases the frequency, the blood pressure rises, it becomes restless in me. I feel the testosterone inflow, which produces this tingling sensation of lust, of lechery. I think these are the words we use to describe what is going on with us. I reach into the left pocket of my trousers and get a tablet out and take a 'Metoprolol' to stabilize the circulation. After a few minutes I feel the soothing effect of the drug.

I watch the girl on the stage. Nah! Nonsense! Come off it! I devour her with my eyes. Her beauty, her charm, the radiance of this girl touches me, goes to my heart.




I smile at her. After her dance shift she comes to me. After the usual welcome and mutual introduction "How are you?" "Where do you come from?" „What's your name?“ I quickly notice that her English skills are very limited. Actually, she can not speak English at all. She calls her half-sister, who takes over the role of the interpreter. "Same father, but two different mothers." I had estimated the girl on 26. She is, however, 28, and therefore the pi-sa-u (older sister) to the 3-year-younger nun-sa-u (younger sister).


I stay in the Gogo nearly 4 hours. Just because of the girl. These are wonderful hours. After 2 hours – I take all my charm (Do I have any charm at all?), my courtesy, to please her - I feel her reactions, yes my efforts seem to be successful, she is glad about my compliments and responds increasingly positive by smiling and laughing, looking into my eyes. I am happy, it works. Her half-sister keeps on translating. I avoid to overtext the girls. I ask about her family, her circumstances etc., so that the two girls get their chance too.


She puts her hand on my arm and smiles at me. "I take care you. Pay bar for me. I go with you. "

Girl, you lead me into temptation, you make it infinitely difficult for me, you give me a hard fight.

Luckily, the two ladies have to get up again to dance. That gives me the opportunity to think briefly.

I must admit I am no longer an adequate, equal, suitable, coherent partner for this girl. Because of my age and my frailty. This becomes clear to me in the course of my "reasoning". I think of the many girls pretty as a picture I had in the years and decades before. I have hundreds of color slides of the most gorgeous girls from the older analog time and hundreds of shots from the younger digital time on my computer at home.


Sorry for the constant repetition, but please allow me again a nostalgic retrospect, a yearning flashback in better times.

We spent the whole night and the morning hours making love in all possible and impossible positions that even the mattress have been moaning and groaning with pleasure. I kept spurting like an inexhaustible Saudi oil source. At noon, around 12 o'clock, the room service loudly and vigorously knocked against the door, shouting: "Stop fucking now! I must clean room."

And the girl didn't want to go! She wanted to stay with me. What a surprise!



I drink one bottle of beer after another, the girls get their ladydrinks. They must go to the dance stage every 30 minutes for 15 minutes That gives me the opportunity to look at her, to admire her.

Getting randy, lecherous at her sight, this formulations would be inappropriate, because it would be an improper reification of this girl. This sweet beauty queen would be disparaged, vulgarised to an object of sexual desire by that kind of words.

As she dances, I deepen myself in meditations and reflections.

Buddhist art depicts the Buddha entering Nirvana as a peaceful and blessed departed, whose countenance mirrors serenity and peacefulness.




Here the reclining Buddha in a Wat in Vientiane.




The nature of this ultimate and highest state, which a human being can reach, has been much discussed in the philosophy of religion.

When one speaks to learned monks and asks them about the essence of nirvana, they characterize it as an absolute nothingness and at the same time a state of absolute bliss. Some describe the nirvana as "Nothing" others as "bliss unspeakable".

The man who has passed into Nirvana is completely extinguished like a candle or a lamp. At the same time, nirvana is described with a wealth of positive predicates. It is a Reich = kingdom of peace, it is the "saving island," Nirvana is pure bliss. It is a place where there are no depressive moods effects (niederdrückende Gemütsaffekte) and no passions like greed, cupidity, lust, craving, needs etc.


Es drängt sich mir die Frage auf, "wie kann an einem solchen Ort Wonne sein, wo es keine Empfindungen mehr gibt?"

The question arises, "How can there be delight, bliss, joy, pleasance in such a place where there are no sensations, sentiments?"

Die einzig mögliche Antwort lautet: "Im Nirvana besteht die Wonne gerade darin, daß dort nichts empfunden wird."

The only possible answer is: "In Nirvana the bliss is just that nothing is felt there."


I am watching her. Her long slender legs, the full hair covering her back and reaching her hips; very exciting. And then these big swinging and swaying breasts, tits, boobies, miracles of perfection. Oh, good grief! Overwhelming desire.

I grew up in a Christian environment. I live in a society that is shaped by Christianity. The articles of our Basic Law, our constitution, and many of our laws breathe the spirit of Christianity. Christian faith promises eternal life in Paradise to its believers; a place of milk and honey.


Where do you want to be after your life? In Buddhist Nirvana or Christian Paradise?

Do you want to be in a place where nothing is felt, where there are no sentiments, sensations?


The Greeks fought a bloody ten-year war against the Trojans because of a beautiful woman; her name was Helena. Many great heroes were killed for her. I look at the girl who dances up there on the stage some meters in front of me. Yes, without any doubt, she is as beautiful as the legendary Helena.

This girl dancing for me on the dance stage is life, emotion, feeling, sensation, desire. She is celestial bliss, ecstasy, gratification; she is pure love's bliss. She is Paradise.My decision is firm: Paradise.




In the course of the last hours, however, I have created an intellectual and emotional distance to this girl whose father I might be. I'll explain that.


"I can not do that anymore. You are an old cripple now. Just accept it! "

You can only disappoint the girl and make a fool of yourself. Now the girl may be a bit impressed by you. She notices that I am not a woodhead like most of the others with whom she had experience:

"See me, feel me, barfine me, fuck me, pay me."

That soothingly marks myself off from the others, I guess.


She is so pretty, so overwhelmingly erotic, her delicacy, her fragility, her smile, hair, her lush, light-brown breasts … all her female qualities and attributes are overwhelmingly erotic.

But these features also create a certain distance, an irreconcilable gap, along with it her pulchritude, innocence, purity, virginity.

You old cowboy should keep off your hands from such a delicate creature.

Besides, you smell like a beer cave. Not pleasant for such a girl. You are no more 39 or 40, being full of sap, athletic, well trained body, succeeding in your job, bursting with strength and lust for life.


In the following hour I asked neither for the height of the barfine nor for her longtime price. The beer kicked in. In my head it began dozing. I was gradually getting drunk. I had to go back by Songtheo and then walk on foot about 250 m. This can be dangerous in this battered state.

My bill: over 3500 Baht, about 90 Euro, now a degenerated soft currency.

Tonight I go back to the „Gold a Gogo“ to the girl.


= = = = = = =


In the last years I prefer girls 35 plus, 40something, and yes they are full-figured with some baby fat on their bones. I like that. When you treat them like a gentleman they give it back to you in the form of smashing girlfriend experience. Last March I spent some blissful days with two or three of these women.


I've had two beer bar girls, longtime, of course. A bit older, but by their "attitude", their attitudes just wonderful. Although my previous considerations about my "deficit", my lack of equality, apply to such girls, I have no reservations whatsoever to do with them.

It is probably due to the conceptuality with which I described the girl above. Youth, beauty, crackling eroticism, which also means innocence, virginity, creates distance. This distance is the larger the more inadequate the possible partner is.


mit pattayanischen Grüßen

with Pattayan regards


Kalle - Charly / Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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Hello Charly, nice to see your reports again,





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