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What’s the Nana hotel equivalent in Angeles?


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  • 1 month later...

Spent the last week in Angeles 

1st 4 night at Central Park Tower andantes 2 at orchid inn.

both were very good, pure mongers places.

Walking street seemed quiet and everyone said it’s low season. But the girls were extremely accommodating and I liked the 24 hours nature of the clubs and bars.

only downside is that I think one of my companions has given me a water infection and you can’t get amoxy without a prescription here.



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2 hours ago, Coss said:

Glad to hear this, I had fond mammaries at Orchid Inn...

Wot yer reckon is the best of the two, Central Park Tower? or Orchid Inn? I have a couple more weeks in Angeles in my bucket list.

Central Park is twice as nice, but twice the price. 
Id look to stay there again due to the big rooms and the jacuzzi. 

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To the best of knowledge all the hotels allow "guests", the only difference is some are more stringent on IDs or calling your room when she appears in the lobby to say its okay for her to go (in case she stole something) and the other is the quality of the hotels/room. AC's economy runs on women in and around their version of Walking Street (much, much smaller)  similar to Pattaya so its that sort of accommodating environment for guests. 

High Society club, on Walking Street, everyone knows where 'Hi-So' is the main pick up club. You're going to feel like the pretty girl by herself at the prom when you go in there. It used to be free but there is a modest cover charge these days. 


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