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Two At A Time

22 February 2018 - 09:25

Guess the dude has something, though oddly it would seem its not about the money, hmm?


Thai Cocks Win Big Prize!

08 February 2018 - 09:10


Thailand has again won the grand prize at the annual International Snow Sculpture contest in Sapporo, Japan, this time with a magnificent pair of Thai fighting cocks.

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Angeles 2017 Info?

14 September 2017 - 06:59

I will be making a visit to Angeles area in a couple of weeks. Staying at the Midori Clark Hotel & Casino, ooh-er! Staying just 3 nights and much of that time will be in the company of a lady friend. Would like to hear about decent places for dinner and possible night time entertainment places that are a bit more upmarket than what my perception suggests might be just a bunch of low end  places full of girls in bikinis. Need somewhere a decent woman will not feel out of place though at the same time can be a bit edgy. Professional woman, late 30's, managerial role, publicly very decent, privately a one woman fuckfest.

My knowledge of the Philippines is somewhat limited to a few months spent there some 25 years ago now and working with a lot of Filipinos more recently from whom I get the impression that Jollibee qualifies as fine dining and anywhere with redhorse is a bar but if its San Mig it's a nightclub.

As a guide with the sort of places in Bangkok I would consider okay, Wine Connection, Bourbon Street, Above 11, El Gaucho for restaurants.

After eating a trip to cowboy or patpong with outside drinking, would enjoy the atmosphere without having a bunch of gyrating T&A in the face. Would be fine for me but I think you get the point.

So, anyone up to speed on the place and likely options.


p.s. Are there any toy shops in Angeles?

New Apples

13 September 2017 - 05:24

Watched the event last night, not overly exciting given we all knew what was coming, pretty much anyway.
So what's your take away? Anything to interest you in a purchase?

I bought an iPhone 6 pretty much when they first came out. I had a 4 when they came out but junked it early on due to a lack of capability in iOS at that time. Been very happy with the 6 and in particular it's integration with my iPad (air2) and MacBook Pro, TV4.

As for the new products:

TV4K: What the TV4 should have been from the start. A little disappointing they only added 4K, the loss of the optical audio port when they introduced the 4 is still a little annoying.

Purchase?: Most likely. I have a 4 here in Doha and it is my primary media interface, I run a PLEX server for my downloaded movies and tv shows and the free PLEX app works well on the TV4. Having recently bought a spiffy new 4K TV at home I will likely get the TV4K for there.

Watch series 3: Hmm, they added cellular, for a bare arsed handful of countries, whoopee doo. Bit of a miss this one in my opinion. Sure the bare arsed handful of countries represent likely a majority of customer markets but who cares. If it can't work everywhere it might as well not work anywhere is my take. Some cool software and as a personal health tracking device, a massively growing market segment, it's probably the tool to have.

Purchase?: Maybe, Thought about it from the first one but never really excited enough and not sure I am now, yet. That said I have promised my boy one for his next b'day and may just hop on the wagon with a matching one. Daughter is likely to make gooey eyes at this point and who can resist a 16 year old doing that :grinyes: I'll likely cave, which will then result in wife doing a pout, as she quite likes her watches. All up I could be in for 4 of the buggers :D .

iPhone 8-8Plus: Okay so the second biggest launch of the day, but why? This feels wrong in view of the biggest launch, and I'm not sure who is going to buy this. Apple has long been a premium brand and people buy their products because they are that in part. As such I see the 8 as just a reheated 7. They did ooh and ahh over the new internals and the all glass outer and the wireless charging (at long last) and this may all be an improvement on the 7 but, really? Definitely second tier and so overshadowed.

Purchase?: Not likely, at least not personally. Now I've bought a few iPhones since my 6, some 6's a 6S a 6S plus and a 7. Nothing in these that I saw the need to upgrade my own 64GB 6 over. For me the 8 is mostly more of the same.

iPhone X: Or 10 as it's being called. Well it's the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so it seems a reasonable marketing move, and this is what we came for. Looks very nice. All the newest toys they could squeeze in it and even if a few have been around a while I fully expect the Apple incarnation to be less of a risk in terms of flaky behaviour, it likely will do what they say it will. Looks nice and at least they kept a 64GB model, that's a perfect size for my needs but the limited release colour options are a bit of a shame. Maybe that will change in the months ahead. And er, it's a $1000, in the US!

Purchase: Quite likely. My 6 is probably going to look a bit more dated against the X which is reaching the point now of needing a replacement battery. I'm keen to have an iPhone with wireless charging and who can deny that cool is cool so just the gadget geek inside me says I'm gonna get one. Problem will be that gooey eyed 16 year old daughter who is going to plead for an upgrade from her 6S. Only the lack of pretty pink one might dampen her spirit I'd say.

The silent releases.

Well not quite but they were relatively quiet against the din of the above.
iOS11. There was actually a fair bit on this included in the iPhone X spiel but it's not so much news. I've had public betas on my iPad for quite a while now and though the iPhone release is still a week away my iPad offered me the full release version last night. Biggest change for me seems to be the control centre and I'm a bit 50:50 on it. There is some stuff though that I'm intrigued to play with, especially the picture apps on a new iPhone with improved camera capability. Also macOS high sierra and a new iTunes with no built in App store. I need to see how these work out before I comment.

For me though it was AirPower, well they couldn't exactly call it iPad now could they. A wireless charging pad that allows you to charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and Airpods case, all at once. Definitely some Apple cool here. I've been using Airpods for a while and can't go back to wired ear pieces they're just too seamless for me. Having this "pad" at the bedside, which is where my phone and Airpods usually spend the night this is likely going to be a must have for me.

What about you? Any interest in these devices?

Youtube Down?

06 May 2017 - 07:06

Not able to access it on any device in the house. Works okay on the 3G/4G devices but not through the 3BB f/o.

Anyone else on 3BB with same issue, or maybe through other provider?