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  1. ...related to my other post, I'd also like to see the G8 or even better the G20, get involved in the environment as well. The Sahara desert was once mostly grasslands. There is a present plan to plant a million trees in sub Sahara to stop the expansion of the desert. I applaud that. I'd love to see a financial incentive to save the animals of Africa that are used for Chinese meds or western exotic markets, etc. If the lasts Rhino is gone its not good for all of us. So, how about an incentive like the more Rhinos such and such countries have, the more money. Pay these game wardens a good
  2. The Paris Agreement was something similar to what I wanted to see the big nations do. My preference would have been to have the G8 unite to change all their economies to green in come industries. Cars for a start. All government cars over a certain time, be hybrids or whatever kind of vehicle that we can get a consensus on. Also, there are some government functions all governments do well. I read a study years ago about the big inefficient ones. Conservatives like to say that the government doesn't know how to run businesses and that's not true. What you will find is corruption, graft, e
  3. Here is the thing about that inefficient rail. Money changes hands it isn't lost. Those workers, reinvested their salary into the local economy. They bought or rented homes. They shopped at the local grocer, all manner of businesses. The economy actually distributed their salaries back into the country. Private businesses sometimes takes that revenue overseas. Not saying the private business who bought the rail did but if they are a multi-national company some of that money may have been redistributed overseas.
  4. One thing we should be doing is not having a congresspersons salary and benefits determined by them. For example. Cav obviously hates Nancy Pelosi. Part of his taxes pays her salary. Nancy Pelosi is elected by the people in the San Francisco area. Not even the whole city, only a part. Why should Cav's taxes pay the salary for someone he had no say in electing? Congress tries to gaslight the American people saying 'Well, she is doing things for America' Bullshit. Her primary responsibility is to serve the people in her district. She has no obligation to help a coal miner in West Virginia or a r
  5. Republicans not wanting to investigate the January 6th Capitol Building invasion in large part because most Republican voters were in favor of the riot and wants more probably is the biggest, overt indicator, America is done as a Republic. You simply can't have a functional representative government where roughly 45% of the people have no issue in violating its canons. And they are all okay with that. The Republican masses know that America in its present form and trend, won't survive and they want to rebuild something, anything where they get to run things.
  6. Although I've stated on numerous occasions America is on a non stop decline. I would suggest some things to stay the decline and hopefully end it but the ending would mean a complete cultural change in America. 1.Cut the military budget in half. Close or greatly reduce most of the various military installations around the world. This would not include everything. I would increase the VA funding. Military that fought and died for America's mostly failed modern wars should have the best care of a grateful and guilty nation. Any vet who has seen combat and been in a combat zone should have
  7. I also believe reparations are owed. In large part for continued endemic and systemic targeted post slavery. 100 years of apartheid including policies that stunted or denied growth. 60 years of either targeting (mass incarceration, institutional targeting, etc) or simply neglect. I'd limit beneficiaries to those that 1. Can trace their ancestry to slavery on both sides of the family. 2. Are identified legally as Black (birth certificate, driver's licenses, government documents). 3. You would have to apply and legally be held responsible for fraud. Controversial to some, not to me.
  8. This is going to sound harsh. This new Juneteenth fed holiday is bullshit. The Congressional Black Caucus' real job is to placate America's 45 million blacks when they have been done wrong but their number one job is to guarantee the black vote. Especially in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. And now Georgia and North Carolina. In return these politicians get individual benefits such as to chair an important committee, get ambassadorships later on or be on board of directors of big companies and collect a check, be VP, or whatever. The DNC will not help any true
  9. Coss, America is done. I've been saying it for ages. Economically, there are a few huge bubbles that will all be a domino effect on each other. Other countries share some of these issues but America being the largest economy and unable to work together to solve them will not recover I think when the next big crash happens. When I say 'not recover' I mean America will no longer be as relevant after as it was before. The Republican party is no longer ideologically the same. They are effectively a party whose primary goal and purpose is to maintain power in a changing America and changing w
  10. To be fair, the mainstream media does similar stuff, but Faux...er..ah..Fox News is worse.
  11. Cav is correct that Trump can win in 2024. In fact, I'd say if he ran he'd likely win. Just because you can win doesn't win you are best for the country (Bush won twice, Nixon won twice). He will beat Kamala Harris fairly easily I think. Probably beat Biden as well because the progressives farther left won't come out to vote for him. Neither will Blacks. The one person who can run and win as a Dem is maybe..maybe...Bernie. AOC could win. Dems best choice is to go outside of politics and grab a businessman or general. Think outside the box. Maybe a Mark Cuban. He's a Texan so he might be able t
  12. ...and no matter how cut and dry the killing is, a black Republican must ALWAYS excuse any killing of a black guy by a white cop or person. No matter how horrendous and obvious. Or pretend it never happened and dont say a thing about it.
  13. BB, if you are not a straight white male, you have to prove yourself to the Republican party by being farther right than any white male. Second, if you are from a group that is a core Democratic Party niche you have to publicly shit on that group. In the 2016 primaries, Carly Fiorina was extremely vocal on being against abortion. None of the other candidates touched it. But being a woman, she had to prove she is against women. There is a gay Republican named Milo something or another,, he didn't back gay marriage. Candace Owens attacks any black person who isn't a Trump supporter.
  14. Did a little deep dive into the black patricide...er..ah..patty cake..er..ah..patries...I mean black patriot. It's part grift. Its obvious he relies on it for money and the other is I guarantee you he has no physical / emotional connection at all to the black community at large. Pretty much typical. I'd be shocked if he is married or even has a girlfriend. lol lives either an asexual life or gay feelings that hasn't come to fruition. Not trying to make fun of him, even though it seems, but I've seen guys like him once in a while. Know the type.
  15. How I feel trying to convince people you can't negotiate with today's Republican party.
  16. I'd actually be curious to know the background of this Black Patriot guy. I have two educated guesses of how he grew up. 3 actually. But usually these types are usually from 3 categories.
  17. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/biden-approval-rating/
  18. Tucker will go to the left of some issues. Trump did that as well. He went to the left of Hilary on some issues. And won. As an aside it shows the Republican masses don't really have an ideology. Trump has gone to the left of somethings and they didn't bat an eye. They applauded it at his rallies. But when the Dems propose it they decry it. Hypocrisy but its not about ideology. The Dems in charge change their ideology for the almighty dollar. Which is not good, but its politics. But the Dem masses don't change their politics masses only have the politics of power. That's it. If Trump pro
  19. Coss, I'm telling you, you haven't dodged a bullet. Tucker Carlson could run and win and he's miles and miles smarter than Trump. The left knows this and have been dissectingand attacking his nationalist talking points weekly. Rumor is he could run and if he does, he'll get the nomination if Trump doesn't run. The religious fervor for Trump is based on fear. Largely driven by demographic and cultural changes. Trump was willing to give voice to their fears in no uncertain terms, unabashedly and openly fight these changes unapologetically. Now, you can't debate anyone on that side. T
  20. Im going to shoot down a point on one of these memes. You know why there is a lumber shortage? During Covid19 lumber companies couldn't do their job for obvious reasons. Also, there is a red hot real estate market now. Hence a shortage. It's actually a good thing. Econ 101, in economic booms, demand for certain things is so high it creates a shortage until the industry and market can adjust. A lumberjack is a great job to have right now. Plenty of work.
  21. Right wing groups are well known to send out outrageous lies as facts. Until I see a deep dive of any memes, I'm going to assume its false or way out of context until proven otherwise. They could be true but there is so much intentionally false info being sent out, you have to assume its false. I've pretty much debunked all the ones on here I do know off hand.
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