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  1. COVID - the only time that banks have required you to wear a mask inside the bank
  2. The right to Freedom of Speech is different from Free Speech. The first remains, the second is under threat Speaking of Impeachment Vs Removal of Trump Impeachment means he can never run for office again, removing him he can run again
  3. Nigeria and Iran are sending peacekeeping troops to the USA to help the States form a Democratic and fair government. A Nigerian spokesperson said it would be funded as soon as he finds his Uncles lost millions
  4. Facebook and others face being broken up like Bell was due to being monopolistic.
  5. Problem is other platforms do exist and deleted by Apple and Google That's stifling the competition
  6. <<who sets the limits of freedom of speech? As CS points out free speech does not mean saying whatever you want.>> Exactly, who sets the standard? Should it be big data or a standard or code. Should everyone be set at same level? Plenty of people post things far worse than Trump but aren't banned. Big Data doesn't want to spend the $'s on monitoring, so they let people with small number of followers escape who post worst content If an arsehole like Trump who has millions of follows and never said (but sure gave implied approval) is held to a diff
  7. Mekong I refer to everyone freedom of speech. Bust, it's a very scary thought that big data owns the censorship laws
  8. I think if he is banned, far worse posters exist who should be banned but aren't What he said caused a disaster, but also removed fr3edom of speech It also destroyed possible Facebook alternatives, which we need
  9. They changed an article from 4 years ago because you read it?
  10. Hardly anyone in Oz has the flu this year Is COVID a form of the Flu though?
  11. I was watching 63Up today and had a look on Wikipedia about the cast only to find Michael Apted had died on the 7th An amazing TV series following a groupd of English children from age 7 every 7 years being re-filmed, they don't always get filmed but most do To see every episode is wonderful, I've been following this since my 20's when the thought of doing 3 series seemed amazing, to do now 9 is astonishing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_(film_series)
  12. Trump has been sent to Camp David not allowed to return to the Capital, His script on the concession speech was written for him Hopefully he stays there
  13. A quick google shows this from John Hopkins, seems numbers are right for 3rd cause of death https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us#:~:text=Analyzing medical death rate data,and Prevention's (CDC's) third leading
  14. Israel? Solomon Islands 3rd in Pacific ahead of a lot better places, Micronesia passport is great, Weird list
  15. This says it all BLM response - I see already heads of security resigning, hmmm, why though?
  16. I can see the difference, and showed the relevant laws Being emotional Coss and logically doesn't mean what you say and believe and I also agree with is illegal THHHHHH
  17. You need to define the actions to warrant. Can't just go sprout some lines. Which article and why? 25th remains the best route.
  18. Frankly a number of USA friends are suggesting that Pence invokes the 25th
  19. Please do define how this is insurrection, do you have the exact legal extracts?
  20. In separate 5-4 opinions, the justices overturned two Cowlitz County heroin convictions in cases that hinged on text messages a detective read on someone else's phone."People have an expectation of privacy in their text messages," said Hanni Fakhoury, a lawyer with the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, which filed friend-of-the-court briefs in the cases. "People have a right to have those messages delivered without fear of government intrusion or interception, and if the government wants to intrude or intercept them, they have to get a warrant or a wiretap to do so."
  21. For fucks sake, it's all over the net, seriously I don't have time to answer a devils advocate or engage in this further, a 2 minute search brings these up New York Penal Code 250 5. For his or her own, or another individual's amusement, entertainment, profit, sexual arousal or gratification, or for the purpose of degrading or abusing a person, the actor intentionally uses or installs or permits the utilization or installation of an imaging device to surreptitiously view, broadcast, or record such person in an identifiable manner: (a) engaging in sexual conduct, as defined in su
  22. Mekong, I suggest you consult New York law which it comes under, Any invasion of text etc is illegal, so the images he used he must have had the right to use, I know because 1 - I was a professional photographer for 7 years and 2 - I double checked with 2 lawyers I know in New York :) << Why / How is using pictures of SMS illegal if no private details are released? >> Because tracking anything that is on your devise is illegal, very simple, and very clear in most places including USA under Federal and State laws. Doesn't matter what the content i
  23. In the USA it is legal to do street photography of people, however texts and other personal information is protected under privacy law and cannot be accessed in any way unless a warrent or order has been given. It comes under also "Reasonable Privacy" where the person had expected privacy while doing something when photographed and "Invasion of Privacy" It is also punishable under invasion of privacy laws Not sure why you would think it was ok? It's a basic breach of privacy,
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