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Identical Twins in LongGun

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I have posted about the twins here previously.


I would not put them in the uber-stunner category, but they do have nice bodies and know how to shake it on stage. Also, it is uncanny how they same to anticipate each others' moves, so you get the 'mirror-effect.'


On three occasions I saw one customer barfine both of them, although each time they liked to hang around, drink, flirt with other customers, and get on-stage in their civvies if they liked a particular song.


One night with her sister barfined, I had a chance to chat with DXXXX, and she proved to be very nice company. No pressure for ladydrinks or barfines although you could see it was killing her that her sister was on the way out the door and she was left behine.


Over the last few months my overall opinion of LG has changed for the better, and the twins are part of the reason. :)

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They are just like any other girl you meet in Long Gun, trying to make a baht. They are in my opinion, Stunners, and with that you get the attitude. I would'nt say they were "Nasty", not any more than the rest. "Dangerous" depends on your ability to make trouble for yourself. Clones? Katoey? No way!

Of course you always get good twin bad twin, that's expected.

Yeah, I know them, and like both of them. ;)

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Says MadStockBroker:

Says El_Tel:

[color:"black"] Very hard to tell them apart.


I believe that one of them has a ring through her cunt....


Maybe that is my watch. I wondered where I lost it!

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