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Virtual Thai Keyboard


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LOL :D. Sorry, but that's funny. OK, it is not a translator, but just an input device to your computer. You must know how to write Thai script to use it and have someone understand you.




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Hi Sanuk4u,


Don`t worry, you are not the first to make this mistake.

I had my friend writing an email to me in thai after installing thai script on his pc.

He assumed that when pressing the key "t" on his keyboard it would automatically translate into "t" in thai as well and composed an email this way.

He meant to write something like: "Hey, how come you say it is difficult to write in thai? It is a breeze!" :)

Needless to say, that his email didn`t make much sense.


There are a couple of websites though, that allows you to enter english words and then translates them into thai. If you keep it really short they may even make some sense.


Hmm, I seem to have lost the links, but mayby someone here could supply you with some or try a search on yahoo.



Hua Nguu

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