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Pattaya 2nd day,The Winchester club.


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After I said my goodbyes to last nights BG I decided to consult my Stickmans info folder.Originally I had planned to go down Soi 6,but decided to checkout The Winchester club.Not knowing where it was and neither did the driver I decided to get out at downtown Jomtein and explore on foot.This was a big mistake,after asking directions from various people I had to walk a good two miles and in this humidity by the time I reached my destination I was sweating like a bloody pig!(I hoped I did,nt smell like one though)

I walked in ordered a beer,some well earnt nosh and plonked my arse down.Straight away the girls could see my sweaty dilema and gave me a good wash down with some wipes.

After my meal I settled on the company of a girl who was a dead ringer of Sandra Bullock smile.gif" border="0 We where enjoying a flirt and a kiss and cuddle when an older lady joined us.I thought she was maybe about 30 she said she was 45,I still dont believe her because she had the figure and the complexion(long smooth flawless legs) of a 25 year old.As I chat to her I found out that she used to work for Thai airways at Heathrow.I did,nt delve into why she was working in this glorified knocking shop.After a couple more beers I decided to take them both out.Well to cut a long story short we went out had a few beers and a great laugh.I bought the older girl a dress to complement her stunning figure,tomorrow night she is going to wear it.Past last nights BG,she is not best pleased!Shame, because I had intended to take her out for a meal.Had some great threesome action back at the hotel.Tonight I am meeting them after work. tongue.gif" border="0tongue.gif" border="0

To be continued.....

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