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What do Thai girls really want


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I found myself asking this question a lot. Firstly it was a sheer delight to meet freindly girls as I'm used to the girls in London who are so far up their own arse its not true.

Anyway I'm thinking the girls who work the bars and go-gos must have a short shelf life. Once they get older and lose their looks what do they do ? Are they looking to marry western men...leave Thailand....what are they looking for?

Obviously they are trying to earn as much money as they can, but do they have any ambition, goals, dreams ?

I'm sure if you arranged for a girl to come to the UK she would find it difficult to adjust, get bored, miss her family and friends etc. Would they be happy to sit at home while you were out at work all day ?

I tried asking these questions to one girl but she had no real answers, it was almost like they just lived one day to the next. I've read so many stories about girls trying to hook a number of western boyfriends and pester them to send money every month, is this their only goal.

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What they really want is : the Almighty Dollar, beans, bill, bread, bucks, cabbage, capital, cash, coin, dinero, dough, ducats, finances, funds, gold, gravy, green, green stuff, greenback, hard cash, kitty, legal tender, loot, lucre, mazuma, moolah, pay, payment, pesos, property, resources, riches, roll, salary, scratch, silver, skin, sugar, treasure, wad, wage, wealth...and love also

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I know that we tend to lump them together and catagorise them as delightful, sexy, lying thieving bitches in this forum but the real truth is that they are not much different from Western girls the same age. The important thing they want is security, if this come through half a dozen sponsers that's the way they go. If they can get it from one guy they like and get along with so much the better. The next thing they want is happiness. This covers safety, amusements, contentment,food, the whole box and dice. Then they want a nice guy, if you treat them like shit your going to get a hard time back which could include emptying your bank account. Your different from every other guy on earth, don't make the mistake of thinking Thai women are all the same.

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The answer is simple....ME!


They all tell me they love me, want to marry me, so i must be what they are looking for....right?????? :banghead:


Ok, having returned from planet idiot, i will resume normal service...


BGs...an assessment....


Goal 1. Get money

Goal 2. Get more money

Goal 3. Get more money than others, a lot of face will be achieved.

Goal 4. Marry a rich farang man, milk him for every penny, divorce at some point, return to LOS.

Goal 5. Take care of parents/family/buffalo/gecko.

Goal 6. Something about an emotion, umm, what was it? Sounds like 'glove', oh nevermind....its not important.


Ability to plan long term. Zero

Ability to plan short term. Very little unless it involves money.


Conceptual awareness. Zero.


Awareness of anything other than the basic goals. Very little.


Honesty and integrity. Zero, altho' rarely some do possess a little.


Would a BG piss on you if you were on fire. Only if you were withdrawing money for her at the time.


I hope that answers something...?

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What she really wants is security for her family and herself!


Just looking at my stupid former friend from Holland who has not much money, she knows that but she is keen to go with im to the netherlands to break up with him to work at the amsterdam red-light! In rare cases it matters what she really wants and in the most cases it will never be enough!



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