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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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I agree. The transmission rate of 1 in 2000 for a man through heterosexual sex is an average. That range can be anything from 1 in 10 to 1 in 20000. If you come into contact with someone who has been infected in the last few months then transmission is quite possible. On the other hand if someone with HIV has undetectable viral load or very low viral load in their blood the likelyhood of transmission is then quite low...of course if you have NSU, ghonherrea,chancroid, sores, thinning skin and you come into contact with someone who is in acute phase of infection then the odds can be as low as 1 in 5.


You never know if you will be one those people in the 1 in 100, 1 in 5 range or the 1 in 5000, 1 in 2000 range.

And then you have to multiply those odds by the odds of anyone having the disease and then by your susceptability to contract it and you end up with mind bogglingly small percentages which show just how unlucky you are.


The do gooders think you just have to go to bangkok and shag one P4P girl and you get HIV. Stupid feminazis.


Keep your chin up.

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I dont have the specific numbers but some years ago there was a study done between couples where in one person was positive and the other partner negative. They studied their sexual habits for some 6 months with the male always using a condom and I believe there was a zero transmission rate- (I believe my memory serves correctly...)

They then studied a like group who only used the condoms at various decreasing rates of frequency... and well there was corresponding inverse (higher) rates of transmission.

At the very least guys use a jimmy.Logical it would seem.


Dont know you except through this internet discourse JS but I have followed this thread with concern- Hang in there you seem quite remarkable. :) :thumbup:

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I haven't visited the General Discussion area for quite some time and like everyone was truly sorry to have heard the most unfortunate news.


I'd like to echo the sentiments to JS and pardon me if I also include my prayers (I know the general feeling against religion on here but I'm the son of a Deacon, can't help it :) ) as well.


Whie going through the 22 some odd posts, I was waiting for the one or two that always seem to show up that have no clue and I was not disappointed. JS, please disregard them, those persons obviously have other issues going on in their lives that makes them vent it out on your misfortune.


I feel badly that it takes something like this for me to join some of the others when I say I'd love to meet you, shake your hand and share a drink (of your choice). Maybe discuss a little football as we do in the sports thread.


I admire your bravery and be assured that your post has not fallen on deaf ears. The life you saved may very well have been my own as I will now be extremely careful in my relationships. Others would have retreated in self pity and you showed great character and humanitarianism in trying to help others in your plight.


Take care, thank you and all the very best.



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Just curious but something does not add up here - you posted the first message beg. July about being tested - then today post your viral load is undetectable with a CD4 count of over 800 - just 8 weeks later. Exactly what hospital is treating you? With a CD4 count of over 800 you should not even be on treatment and certainly not within the UK, yet the only way you can have an undetectable viral load is to be on treatment.


To go from a detectable viral load (which would always follow a positive test result) to undetectable takes about 2-3 months, yet in the UK they wont start treatment unless CD4 is in the region of 350.




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