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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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"Also, as hard as you may find this to believe. I havent felt happier now than about 18 months. I ve got a new attitude to life. Maybe I m wrong...and I m deluding myself...I dont know"



No JS, you're not deluding yourself... HIV gives people such a positive attitude to life that's why they're dying to get it...


Basically, I don't feel like challenging your thinking and would likely only go and check for HIV if I had some health troubles or suspicious blood tests (which isn't the case, and I did test negative years back after lots of sexually risky behaviour)


Good luck and all that positive stuff...




This wanker should be banned immediately :mad:



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LOL,yep, its funny that you think that a HIV+ person would be insulted by what you say. The saddest thing is that you waste your time posting...you must live a pretty unfulling life. I think people who test positive, and even anyone with any problems would care for your thoughts or feel insulted. People are made of stronger stuff that you give them credit for. But then again , you appear to give no credit to any of the posters on here or the human race in general...goodluck in your life, and stay safe.

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There is always a dickhead on a board who likes to spew shit. I'm sure Pigdick, Pigland or whatever the fuck his name is simply a reincarnation of a previously banned member.


For the 2nd time, I get to make good use of the ignore button. :wave:

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The dignified way that you are handling the situation, and the odd asshole who crawls out of the mud, gives myself (and I assume others) a new outlook on life.


Seeing you handle your situation so well makes me realise that all my "alledged problems" are so insignificant.


This thread primary is about your condition, but I bet that it has made many people stop and think and to revalue their own lives / situation.


Power to you son, your openess has been an inspiration.




PS Arsenal Will be nowhere near the Mighty Man United this season ... I have to keep it jovial.

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