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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Hi JS,


Glad to hear you are well and good..


Hope that you may be able to make the London contingent xmas bash...


I am looking at around the last week of November or the first week of Dec.


I know Sayjann and Lusty have irregular shift patterns which we will need to accommodate.


I am looking at this place provisionally...




I have been before and it has been ok.



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Hi Steve,

I tested positive for HIV on July 9th I think it was. At that point I didnt have any blood tests for Cd4 or viral load until 2weeks later. I think you are a little bit confused about testing positive and viral load. An undetectable viral load doesnt mean you wont test positive for HIV. The test, tests for the HIv antibody which showed up on my test. So I had HIV. Confirmed.


Then 2 weeks later I got my bloods done for cd4 and viral load. This was my first results. You are worng in saying that its impossible to have undetectable viral load without meds. Thats not correct.


My first tests came back cd4 810 and viral load undetectable. Simple as that.


This sentence you included is not at all medically correct. Read up on Thebody.com or aidsmap.org and you will find what you have written is not right.



"To go from a detectable viral load (which would always follow a positive test result) to undetectable"


Yes, my numbers are pretty good. But its not all together uncommon to have a set of numbers like this at the stage of disease progression I m at.


Btw, I m being treated at The Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast by a Malaysian HIV specialist,called Say Quay, who has been treating this disease for 25 years.




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pls do Steve. As a side note, with a little bit of humour. In the waiting room at the clinic the day I was waiting for my results, two of the most inappropriate songs came on that could, on the radio. Its like something out of a sitcom


Number 1-Queen (Freddie Mercury)Dont stop me now


Number 2-Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing...


I knew my number was up when those songs came on,lol. It was a sign,lol.



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Just curious but something does not add up here - you posted the first message beg. July about being tested - then today post your viral load is undetectable with a CD4 count of over 800 - just 8 weeks later. Exactly what hospital is treating you? With a CD4 count of over 800 you should not even be on treatment and certainly not within the UK, yet the only way you can have an undetectable viral load is to be on treatment.


To go from a detectable viral load (which would always follow a positive test result) to undetectable takes about 2-3 months, yet in the UK they wont start treatment unless CD4 is in the region of 350.






Here is the answer to that query Steve



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