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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Even with a condom, there is a risk. If the base of your penis isnt covered then this subtype E which is rife in Thailand can connect to the langerphan cells on your skin. This was a harvard university study.


I just read a study that the only likely areas of infection are the foreskin and fraenulum. Other areas are "unlikely to be the route of HIV infection unless the skin is broken or inflamed". This explains why circumsised men are less likely to catch HIV through heterosexual intercourse. Use condoms properly with adequate lubrication to prevent breakage and the chances of catching HIV are negligible.



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Hi Chris.............sorry to hear about the news. Another board member rang and told me and I was kinda numb when I heard. I am guilty of unprotected sex but I justify it because I am not a punter but the reality is you can never be 100% sure. I have a test every six months as I know there a windows. I have a very close friend who has been carrying the virus for maybe 12 years now. Contracted it from a katoey....but that's a whole other story. They were in a long term relationship and she eventually died from AIDS. He on the other hand made a conscious decision to fight it with all the means available. Like you he is fortunate enough to have the financial resources to get the best possible treatment, but it is a constant effort he maintains and his health is unchanged for 12 years. I believe one day there will be a cure and I believe it is not far off. My advice to you I give knowing how my friend has dealt with his life since he was diagnosed. The first and most crucial thing he changed was his diet. I believe that a healthy body is the first step in addressing this. Secondly a healthy mind full of positive affirmations and a belief in yourself and the desire to fight this battle with all your strength. Surround yourself with positive people and draw on their support whenever you need to. I wish you the best in your journey.



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Think about the beautiful things life still has on offer and especially those people who need you.

Remain optimistic, you've still got a whole lot to live for.

In the end it's just the same for each and every one of us.


Goodluck man! :up:

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I'd stick with the NHS specialist clinics first rather than Bumrungrad and see how it goes. You'll be able to tell how well it's going from T-cell counts, viral loads, etc.


Was pretty sure I had it 18 months ago - I had a girl message me angrily accusing me of giving it to her and, knowing where I've been and the number of insane risks I've taken, I thought "Fair enough". I was fully prepared for a positive result and was surprised when it didn't arrive. I didn't even have Hep.


Reading up beforehand, I was a little concerned about having the E type or variants of it compared to what I thought the "usual" British patient would have but I'd give it time first. If you've only recently been infected, your counts should be OK and they probably won't recommend any treatment for quite a while.


I was pretty 'Meh' about it. The worst thing for me was thinking about girls I could have infected - girls who wouldn't have access to the same kind of treatment. (Curiously, btw, the UK doesn't insist on HIV tests for immigrants like Australia and the US. In the US, HIV+ people have to declare it just for normal visits! :shocked: )


Are you going to go back to Thailand? Does the girlfriend know yet?


If you go back, you'll start looking at girls in a different light. You'll notice girls who've got thinner since last trip, girls with coughs, in worse health. There's a shadow world out there.

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