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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Guys, thanks a million for the word of support. Its great to know that people have empathy for me...but I m not going to pity myself for long anyway.


I cant imagine what its like for kids in Africa and SE Asia dealing with this with no parents, malnourishment and no hope. I m actually lucky. OK, its a real kick, its hurting me so much, my hearts sore...but I ll be stronger for it. I ll get clued up on this, I ve been reading many case studies where people have lived ultra healthy lifestyles, and didnt even need meds for years...I mean seriously healthy.


I m looking that some good will come out of it. Its just so hard to take all your ambitions bein thrown up into the air...


but as I ve said already. Be careful guys...its the most nauseating feeling and deflating thing when a Doc tells you they have "concerns about the blood test"...thanks again. I ll want to keep posting...and I ll not mope around for too long :D

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Hello Chris,


You have been very brave to post. I know it must be devastating for you now but it will get better and you will feel your old self in 6 months or so...


For whats its worth I know a chap who contracted HIV in the early 80's and he is fine. Healthier than I am in fact.


What it will mean for you is regular hospital visits and not much more.


Every month developments are being made. I listened to an article on radio 4 and some professor said condition is now managable much like diabetes is and that they are about 10 years off something approaching a cure.


I see you live in London, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital on Fulham Road is world class.


Once again keep your chin up, you will be allright.




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Hi JS........


devastated to hear the news.

i like to think we've always got on despite our football rivalry.

you once said something good to me when i was being jumped upon by a couple of other Members and that's something which will not be forgotten.


i hope that the 2nd sample is negative but you seem resigned to the fact.

as said before there are ways of still living a healthy life in the future.


i wish you all the best and maybe we will get to have a Beer together sometime in London.

keep showing that stiff upper lip..... :thumbup:



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Everyone who participates in the P4P game knows the risks involved. This goes to show that it can and does happen to anyone.


I admire your courage and the fact that you shared this news with us. Although I use a condom every time, this reinforces the need to do so.


Fortunately you seem like a responsible young man and unlike others on this board, who seem to think they are invincible in terms of contracting or spreading this disease, are doing your part to make sure it goes no further.


Good luck Junglesoup. I wish you the best in dealing with this situation.



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Bad news, but for sure, not the end!


The doctors continue to make HUGE gains in the control and cure of HIV.


Also, stem cells may help. There are (is) companies in New Zealand that sell stem cells.

I'm not anywhere near an expert on these things but PM me and I can put you in contact with a man that was *** cured *** of diabetes using stem cells and the magnetic pulse" machine. The docs gave him three months to live, that was three years ago!!!


Never give up! Positive thinking, good eating and living habits!!!

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a late reply to this thread, but none the less genuine and from the heart.

Really sad and sorry to hear your news, it is impossible to comprehend what you must be going through right now.


My thoughts are with you. Stay focused and KEEP SMILING... attitude is everything....keep an "Upbeat attitude" on life and you'll kick it's ass...


Keep posting, my friend (when you feel up to it)...I'm sure you will get huge support from your "Board Brothers"..


Best of luck DS

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sorry to here about that for you..but there are worse things in this world..its a tuff life and nobody gets out alive..think about how many people drop dead from heart problims and such many more then aids..which can be managed..magic is still vary much alive..

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