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I want to bone Tussinee


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Sorry frede, if I knew I'd tell you. I haven't seen her about. I know where 6 or 7 'Nigel' girls are but I haven't seen Tusinee. I think I'd recognise her if I had.


For some time, I've really wanted to fuck 'Jee' or 'Dee' (the one with the big tits on the right hand side of the top banner in this link: http://asianbabymakers.com/t3/?nats=NTE6Mjk6OQ,0,0,0,0 )


She's also in candiddingdongs but under the older videos. I saw her in something more recent and she'd gained a lot of weight so sadly she's probably already a porker now anyway. :(


Torneyboy - you're right. Frede really IS on a mission! He's posted the same question on the pattayasecrets forum! :)

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Now that's getting to dangerous levels.


For 10K, some of us would dress up in a plastic Tussinee suit and try to lure you into taking us. In your heat, like a bull fooled into injecting his semen into a tube, you could very well fall for it.


I can see Old Hippie practising his Tussinee voice right now...

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