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No complaints with another positive away result, but I am concerned about the lack of finishing. Will Jeffers be able to help here?

I also thought some of the post-match commentators were correct in their assessment that Arsenal seemed more pleased in toying with Southampton than scoring goals.

Anyhow, Upson is improving, and a win is a win.


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A fine result in Europe last night and Gerry did us a favour too. We need to beat Mallorca by 2 goals and hope that those Greek gymnasts beat Schalke next week, if so we're through with a game to spare.

Brave move by Wenger to play Upson last night, nearly didn't pay off, but I think its worth sticking with. The defence last night can be together for a good few years.

Vieira was better than he has been all season and I think Thierry is trying to nick Dennis' nickname of the Iceman.

Why the fuck does Sylvain insist on turning away from goal when he gets the ball? 3 or 4 times he could have put Thierry through last night! Last nights game would have suited Kanu.

Richard Wright, Wright Wright! laugh.gif" border="0

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Well, given my dislike for being humiliated in public I don't even know why I'm suggesting this but it would appear that the Sunderland v Arsenal game is on live on Saturday night. Man Utd v Leeds is on early but Charlton v Liverpool is on at the same time. I am confident that the Living Room will be showing the Sunderland game first so I was wondering if any of the Bangkok based Gooners fancy getting together to watch it in this superb venue?

After our disaster in Smogland last night I should be keeping quiet and watching it at home but we do get some decent results against you lot so maybe this could be the turning point of our season.

LG, clutching at straws

PS Graham from the Living Room has now confirmed that he will show Sunderland v Arsenal in the Living Room mini-theatre at 9.00 pm Saturday. Anyone like to join the 2 sad Makems?

[ October 24, 2001: Message edited by: Long Gun ]

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I got back from Pattaya today and bought my first Arsenal shirt. For those on this thread who don't know. I'm a yank who adopted the Gunners as my team and am proud to be a Gooner. Partly based on numerous nights having been forced to watch Premier League games at bars in LOS. After a while, certain teams grow on you. Arsenal did it for me.

I'm going to be asking some dumb questions. So bear with me. I am not unfamiliar with football. I understand the rules (for the most part) and the strategies. My parents are Jamaican and my older brothers and I played it as children (along with cricket). My father and my uncle talked longingly of the '66 cup, so I grew up with football being mentioned. Also, my cousin was named after Pele (Edson actually his actual first name).

Now, my first dumb question. I think I understand the nickname 'Gooner' (how the fans pronounce Gunners, correct?). I've been told I support 'The Arse' by some Brits here in LA. Am I correct in assuming what I think that its a play on ARSEnal and of course someone's butt?

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You're not insinuating the same loyalty and the same rowdiness that goes along with said loyalty happens in Pattaya also?! Really, I'm smiling and laughing as I write this. Is that the same in BKK?

Also, what about my questions in the previous post?

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Sorry mate, I'm not a brit so I don't know the answers to your questions.

I was only partly joking about going into the wrong bar wearing an Arsenal shirt. There are quite a few Brittish football hooligans in Pattaya and I can assure you that you don't want to go into a bar full of Chelsea headhunters late at night clad in an Arsenal shirt.



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