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Originally posted by chocolat steve:

OK, no flames, I'm a Premier league newbie of sorts. What criteria are used for teams to move up or down between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. division?


Easy enough. At season's end the three clubs at the bottom of the the PL table are relegated to the 1st Division. The three clubs with the best records in 1D get promoted to the PL.


There's some sort of tie-breaker to decide who goes down/up in event of same number of points. I think it goes head-to-head record, head-to-head goal differential, head-to head total goals, head-to-head away goals, total wins, total goal differential, total goals, total away goals, coin toss. Somebody correct that if incorrect, please.

I believe it's also 3 teams each way between the other divisions as well. As I recall the Italian Serie A promotes/relegates 4 clubs.


Up the Arse!

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I have to agree to differ with you on this one.

The bottom three clubs from the premiership are relagated, as you so rightly say, but only the top two clubs from the 1st division get automatic promotion.

The third promotion place is determined when the teams that finish 3rd - 6th have the playoffs. 3rd plays 6th over 2 legs (home and away) and 4th plays 5th.

The winners of these games then play a one off game, which will be decided on penalties if neccessary to ascertain who gets the third promotion spot.

The same also applies to the lower divisions.

This is not intended as a flame, but I am just informing you what the rules are. I hope this clears it up for you.

I will now back out of the Gooner Corner and get down to the Living Room to watch the mighty Man U take on the Scouse gits smile.gif" border="0

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CSteve, indeed it is a battle cry. As a Yankee, I have no reason to support the Gunners, but I do and have since the 80's. Strange but true.

Mekong, thanks for the clarification -- not taken as a flame, so no worries. Odd that in watching PL for a few years and following Arsenal for many more, that I should have been completely ignorant of this...

But I can explain the infield fly rule. ;-)

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The 2001-2 version of the Gunners needs to learn two fundamental aspects of football, and learn them quite quickly. (1) finish when provided opportunities (2) defend.

Both have been done so poorly in recent matches that the likes of Deportiva will have a walk in the park against Arsenal.

It is never easy to play when your rear guard is changing every day. Still, recent performances by Keown, Grimandi, and Lauren have been absolutely dreadful. Keown appears lost without Adams by his side, Lauren is better in midfield, and Grimandi, well, he would be better off at Derby.

On attack, Wiltord seems like he has little to offer except when playing against Man U's subs.

We have to get things in order now, before Liverpool, Leeds, and maybe even Man U disappear. If not, it will be a UEFA Cup battle against Newcastle and Aston Villa that we will be facing.


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I've been away for a while, but it's good to see so many new Gooners on here.

Well Saturdays the derby game which is going to be interesting to say the least. The players are really fueling the fires for this one, Dennis was quoted as saying "this is just another game, we are a European club unlike Tottenham"

The Scummers seem to think this is all their cup finals rolled into one what with their captain crossing Seven Sisters Road for nothing!

I live right in Scum country so I need a win more than anyone, the Scummers are unbearable at the moment, they're in the top half of the table and think they're unbeatable.

Where's your captain gone? laugh.gif" border="0

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The bastards! My PC at home is being repaired and my company has just blocked 'sports' sites as well as other sites such as sex, etc.

It has to be a woman that put that blocked sports. No man would.

It was my way of keeping up with Arsenal. My local cable TV company has been televising some Premier League games.

By the way, before they blocked it, I forwarded the win over Man U to all the local Man U fans that I know of in the Los Angeles area.

One Leeds fan is still upset they get no respect despite being first in the standings.

Also, finished the book Fever Pitch some time ago. Loved it.

One day, I promise I'll visit North London and see a match live. Wore my Arsenal shirt a couple weeks ago and a cashier who was obviously a football fan called me 'Sol'. It was funny.

Gooner in training.


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Love that one, CS. Will refer to you as "LA Sol" from now on, that is, if you are in LA.

Unfortunately, our Gunners have been playing some uninspired football of late. They were mere boys against men when playing Deportivo.

Hopefully, tonight against Man U will bring us something to smile about. Not many smiles yet this campaign.


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