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Sushi in Pattaya?

Big Kev

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My favorite foreign restaurant in LOS is fuji, no matter if in BKK or sin city and as this is the favorite of my girlfriend -> all is good.


Must say that in BKK most customers are Thais, not many farangs and saw from time to time some Japanese but not that many.


OK, they don't serve the best sushi in LOS but if you want a good "fast food" version of Japanese food then go for it.


Meal for two was never above 1k bht. (without alcohol as we seldom drink alcohol)


Girlfriend was thinking about sending me fuji through express delivery but it is sadly impossible.

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Yes of course you are right but everyone has his addiction -> and I love as much as my girlfriend the fast food version of Japanese food served by Fuji.


Fuji = BK/Mcdo version of Japanese food


Japanese food is probably the food where I am the least of a "connoisseur"...

(but I love all kind of sushis and this is the only thing I can eat)


Tried numerous Japanese places in BKK, most of them with mainly Japanese customers and I must say the authentic Japanese food is not to my taste...



Went quite often to a small Japanese restaurant in soi 33/1, everytime I was the only foreign (read: Non-Japanese) customer there, I probably tried all the dishes on the menu and never found one tasty....


Same problem in Japan, I love Japan (especially the Japanese girls) but the food is a bit of a mistery -> maybe my Korean blood can't stand the Jap's food?



I love all kind of Asian food Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean but Japanese will probably remain the last one I prefer.

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