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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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I too thoroughly enjoyed "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".


"Face in the Clouds" was a typical murder thriller with a nice twist. Woman has a traumatic accident, loses her ability to recognize faces (a real phenomenon), including her husband, the lead detective on her case and the guy who's taunting her and preparing her death.


I hate sports... but "Moneyball" was very good. Baseball was the vehicle, but not the theme.

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"Munich". I am certainly no Spielberg fan, he's the worst kind of purveyor of sappy crap who uses all the tired cliches and pries the tears out of his audience with pliers...usually. But this movie is special.


A lovely, tender portrait of Muslims being ritually and systematically slaughtered and torn apart by Jews. About fucking time. It's really exquisite murder porn, pure and simple...and it's all based on real events. So kind of like the awesome revenge fantasy that is Inglorious Bastards, only not played for laughs, and not a fantasy at all. It's just glorious to see the Israelis exact grisly revenge at every turn.


I got the same near-orgasmic, almost guilty feeling from watching some of the lovingly constructed scenes in Munich as I did one day during the time that I took leave of my senses for six months and lived in the Thai provinces with a girlfriend (okay, I SAID "leave of my senses!") many years ago: one thing that absolutely drove me NUTS in the village was the fucking dogs, yapping and yowling at all hours, with nobody taking responsibility for controlling them (not that the Thais take responsibility for ANYTHING, haha)...


One day, whilst riding in a neighbor's car, we inadvertently and unavoidably hit some random dog chasing the car (miles from our village)...it was SO delicious to hear the CRAA-A-A-A-CK of his bones as he got caught on our fender and mangled to a grisly pulp. Everyone in the car--my girlfriend, the neighbor driving, whatever other inbred dimwits were along with us for the ride--was mortified, but I was on the verge of cumming, hahaha.


That's how I felt watching that lovely, lovely film Munich.

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Who needs to act when you look like that?


The Road Home.......Chinese film from 1999/2000.


such a sad story but finally uplifting in the end.

reminds me a little of the adventures of Coss as the protaganists in his story and the film never manage to get together for a long time.


and i cry everytime i watch it,such a sad and then happy film.

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