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4th June ?

Pom Michael

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I actually stumbled across this place when I decided to walk down from Asoke to soi 7/1 Suk.


For some strange reason I mistakenly thought it was around soi 11 or soi 15.


I was intending to make yesterday's meeting but that place did not have a TV showing sports, and as an Aussie, Friday night is a big sports night on the Australian Network (starting at 4.00pm).

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I've never been there yet but if you walked from Asoke going to soi 7/1 and Los Cabos is on soi 14, how did you stumble across it? It's on the other side of the Sukhumvit. I'm not saying you can't walk down the even side to get to the odd side later but if I were going the same route you were, I'd be walking down the odd side.

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Agreed. I was just assuming he was coming from Cowboy so he'd already be on the odd side.

Well, if the truth be known I had caught the MRT from Suttisarn to Sukhumvit, I then shimmied through the station avoiding eye contact with the young candy - in case I was tempted away from my mission. I then thought for a little bit, thinking, it is too damn hot to walk down to 7/1 so I decided to take the BTS to Nana.


When up there, I had a second thought (one too many when being in LOS), 2 hours is a long time to fill in when waiting for your sports to start - I had already had 2 big nights at Soi Cowboy and did not feel like getting on the piss to early. Thus, a leisurely 20-30 minute walk would pass the time somewhat. So, I then decided to walk down Sukhumvit after all, but to take the even sois as it was mainly in shadow, thus avoiding the heat, and I had not been down the even side off Suk since I arrived about 2 weeks ago.


I walked into soi 14 as my mate had told me that he enjoyed eating at some thai restaurant called Suda which was in that soi. Well blow me down, if this Los Cobos was there as well.


I did see a lady in a green tee shirt, she was very friendly, tried her hardest to make me stay, but, to no avail.


As I walked down Sukhumvit, I came across a motorbike, its front wheel wedged firmly under the rear wheel of a Mercedes, jacked up about a foot due to the bike being under it. No blood anywhere, so, someone was a lucky fellow.

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