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Phnom Penh roundup/ plus note on Sihanoukville, part I


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Good report thanks.


I also heard many PP hotels are requiring the girls to present their ID before entering the room. I am considering staying at the Flamingo hotel next month. Did you hear any discussion by any fellow expats on this subject?



I don't know. California 2 where I stayed didn't ask for it. At Riverstar where I stayed last year they always called me when a girl left and asked if everything was ok. I liked that.


Flamingos has the reputation as being THE punter hotel in PP' date=' but I don't know about their guest policy.



I have stayed at Flamingos for years and am quite good friends with all of the staff (and the staff at the adjoining bar, Black Cat)...trust me, Flamingos is as girl-friendly as they get.


Plus they do that nice thing most Phnom Penh hotels do; they detain the girl at the desk as she's leaving in the morning and call your room to make sure everything's okay. They do not keep IDs of the girls, though.

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I just saw your comments on Calif 2 in the other post, did you notice any rooms with balconies in Calif 2?


Cal 2 has two rooms with windows to the Sisowath Quai. Room 6 on the first floor, same size as a window less room and very noisy from the street and room 10 on the second floor. #10 is a little bit larger and with a large balcony in front. The street noise in this room is a little bit less annoying. Since I can't sleep in a noisy room in the end I switched to a cheaper windowless room.


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