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Phnom Penh roundup/ plus note on Sihanoukville, part I


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Nothing much has changed since my last visit in summer 2009


The strees #104 and #136 are still the dominating hostess bar areas. Most bars still have the standard design: Long room, long bar on the left or right side with mirror. Some tables with barstools, in the back 2-3 tables with easy chairs, at the bar a PC with more or less generic music.


2-3 bars were closed by police, I read because of forced prostitution...


Street #136

- Pussycat,

became my home bar for to start the evening: large bar with a pool table upstairs, but the pool table is damaged.

The only bar I have seen with a DJ. Girls are dancing in the entrance area. A lot of energy.

I enjoyed my visits very much. Many girls, neither 10s nor 9th but some nice ones. Played a lot of the usual games (Connect, Zenga), the girls are funny and friendly and do not push for ladydrinks at all.

The girl I favoured most during my first visit, told me that she doesn't go with customers (not with me anyway). On the next visit I barfined another one, 28, nice looking who started kissing and touching in the bar already.


- Bar 69, nice bar, standard design, nice girls, don't push for ladydrinks. The girls change the color of their shirts depending on the day of the week. I barfined a friendly one, albeit not much touching while in the bar. She had a high school degree and was interesting to talk to. We went out for dinner in (Bopha Titanic Restaurant, with view on the river, great place for a romantic dinner). Afterwards went to Pontoon disco (more later). Not the best performer in bed.She stayed longtime, kind off, since she put on clothes at 7 in morning and went to bed again, no second round.


- Bar 136

standard design, not much going on. Two sisters greeted my at the entrance. The older one a 9 and the younger one not less pretty. I fancied the younger one, bought ladydrinks for both. But soon I got the impression, that what they liked most was their reflection in the mirror. Another customer walks in and the younger one leaves without a word to greet her boyfriend. I pay and leave.



Street #104


- Bar 104,

standard design, two of three times I visited I was the only customer, albeit the girls are friendly and nice and not pushy for LDs. They are proud about their really cold draft beer, which additionally is served in iced glasses - perfect for hot summer nights. Also they are proud about their new AIRCON, which was too cold for me. o

One night when I was the only customer they turned it off for me. Found a nice girl, "A", small in size but big in experience (ex. Mikado girl, a now closed brothel as she told me later). It was my birthday and we went out to meet one of her friends at


- Noatch's bar,

standard design, average looking girls. The second time I went I was the only customer. A introduced me to B, also an ex Mikado girl. Together we went to


- Rose bar, one of the oldest hostess bars in PP (it was the first bar in #136). Entrance area, standard design, but second room with pool. Average looking girls. A+B introduced me to C. We didn't stay long and I went with A and B dancing and later to my first threesome ever. It was A+B's suggestion and since it was my birthday I liked the idea. The performance was OK, but no Bi action. I prefer the girlfriend experience with one girl anyway.


- Zanzibar

standard design, nice looking girls. IMHO the place with the most energy in #104. When other bars are empty, Zanzibar is full. Girls ask regularly for ladydrinks which I find annoying. But the girls are funny to talk to and like to touch and a full bar with laughter is much more enjoyable IMHO than an empty bar with half sleeping girls.

Spend ca. 30 USD on ladydrinks tonight, since the girls entertained me well. Moreover I found a girl, which kind of appealed to me, maybe because she didn't push and was just nice. I barfined her. She told me that she only occasionally goes with customers, and when we arrived in my room, she asked if she could to stay longtime - that's my preferred choice anyway. We showered separately, went to bed and just before the action should begin she asked me what I wanted to pay her: I told her my usual rate: 30 USD LT. Her counter offer: 50 USD, preferably 70-100 USD. I said up to you and she left... I guess she thought, that my brain would check out as soon as I was in bed with her. It's the first time taht this has happened to me ever, either in PP or in BKK.


- Bunny

Small bar, which needs a new paint, I was the only customer and left soon.


- Barzara, I went in and left immediately - ca. 30% Katoys..


More on PP and Snookyville in a second post.

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CORRECTION: The name of my homebar in street #136 is "Candy" not Pussycat. I mixed up the names.


Thanks Kamui, it's always a mixed bag there.
Sounds boring.


[color:red]Tonight I crossed out PP as my preferred P4P destination![/color]

Went to Bar 104, met "A" again (the one who initiated the threesome). Hadn't intended to spend time with her, but again she was quite charming and I enjoyed her stories about how much she missed me, since they were well presented.

There was some kissing and touching, and later we played pool upstairs. Around 1:45am I said, let's pay and she says: I don't go with you, I have finished...



I guess I didn't want to admit it, since I really enjoyed my stays in the last decade and since I especially enjoy the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the city of Phnom Penh. But in the last two weeks it it became 100% manifest that the golden area of P4P nightlife in Cambo is all but over.

The rest of the fun which hasn't been erased by an ongoing government campaign against showing and dancing is now being wiped out by greedy and scamming girls who play punters on fake promises.


:down: :down: :down:


I am glad that I will fly to BKK in a few hours, where I will stay until Tuesday... :elephant:

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Good report thanks.


I also heard many PP hotels are requiring the girls to present their ID before entering the room. I am considering staying at the Flamingo hotel next month. Did you hear any discussion by any fellow expats on this subject?



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Good report thanks.


I also heard many PP hotels are requiring the girls to present their ID before entering the room. I am considering staying at the Flamingo hotel next month. Did you hear any discussion by any fellow expats on this subject?



I don't know. California 2 where I stayed didn't ask for it. At Riverstar where I stayed last year they always called me when a girl left and asked if everything was ok. I liked that.


Flamingos has the reputation as being THE punter hotel in PP, but I don't know about their guest policy.


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