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How to sned money to BKK?


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Open a Bangkok Bank account. You can then do ACH transfers from your US bank to the Bangkok Bank New York branch which gets sent to your Thai account. You then use BB’s web page to transfer money to her K bank account.


To set up the ACH transfer, your bank will send two small (>$1) confirmation amounts to the Bangkok Bank account. You call BB’s and a very nice English speaking girl will tell you the USD amounts. You then input those amounts into the web page of your US bank, and you can then send up to $5,000 (depending on your US banks rules) for about $5.


Otherwise, a SWIFT transfer is the way to go. As PM said, make a transfer of several thousand into you Thai bank and then make monthly transfers to her bank. With SCB, you can also make transfer at ATM as well as online.


If you don’t want the hassle, just use the Citi ATM’s at Interchange 21 to get money out of US bank. There are no fees here and the exchange rate is very good. You will pay whatever your bank foreign transaction fee is. I use USAA and it is 1%.


Having a US Citi account makes no difference as there is no connection with a US Citi account.




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Setup an account in the USA, like at Citibank and give her an ATM card to pull the funds out of a Aeon ATM machine, No fees involved anywhere along this route.

This is exactly what I said. Only it doesn't have to be at Citi, but at whatever bank has the cheapest ATM rates.


The Citi AMTMs at the Interchange 21 building also have no B150 fee.

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Took out 10,000 from Citi. Slip said USD 333.73.


No THB 150 fee.


Rate of exchange was 29.964.


But when I looked on my online US bank - it showed:


ATM Withdrawal - Citibank Thaila BANGKOK TH $334.77-


ATM Fee - Withdrawal $1.00-


So - actually took USD 335.77 from my account - which changes the ROE to 29.782 which is still pretty good for today.





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My city bank accounts are free of charge, condition monthly average balance of all accounts together min 10.000 euro.


No charges for withdrawals, seems currency exchange rates are OK except some Thai ATM add 150 baht, will watch out for Aeon ATM then.


Thus you could open an extra city account for her, manage that online and add funds as required from your main city account.

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