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"One more thing' date='" he said as the drugs began taking effect. Then he shouted twice, "Viva Mexico!"





The bunghole had lived in the US since he was TWO YEARS OLD. But he never bothered to become a US citizen. If he thought Mexico was so great, why didn't he return there and join a drug cartel. I do NOT support the death penalty, but I cannot get upset over this piece of poop.




Personally, I would have liked to see how brave he would have been facing a firing squad, hanging or the electric chair.

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Let's see...this nimrod forced thru the Ombamacare health crap and now says he needs $$$ to pay for it?

OK, cut Medicare and Social Security which makes up 6% of the budget, great idea, NOT!!!

How about bring the troops home like you PROMISED to do in 2007, and said if elected they would be home in March of 2008...How many TRILLION would that save? secure the USA borders and throw out the illegals? can't do that...like daaaaahhhhh, WTF can this dip stick do?





Taxes still a stumbling block in debt talks


After months of effort, President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans are right back where they started as they try to avert a looming debt default: arguing over taxes...

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Many of the soldiers don't want to be in the military, so there will be many that will go back to civilian life. Many will go to college on the GI Bill, those that remain can be on the bases in America. At least they will spend their money here in the states and not overseas, they'll help the local economy where they are. Offer retirement to some. Untold billions saved not having to support bases around the globe.

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Guest HonoluluJimmy
When the idiot George McGovern was running for prez, he announced he wanted to sock it to the rich, starting major income taxes at something like $30,000 a year. Someone with a few marbles told him that taxi drivers in NYC made that much and were not exactly rich!


p.s. For comparison, I started out teaching school in 1968 for $640 a month, which was considered good money in California.



In 1968 I would have killed myself is all I could earn was USD640. Living in C and C San Francisco. At 3010 Octavia St Apt 2

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The GI Bill for education has not been automatic for ages. Recruits have to apply for it, and they contribute part of their pay each month. They can get a pretty good hunk of money - if they opt to. If they pass it up at the beginning, they are screwed when they get out.


It was automatic when I got it, but it was chicken feed. What I got each month paid for my room in the dorm and a few meals each week. My dad got the WWII GI Bill, which paid for your education completely. It didn't matter if you went to Harvard or Hooterville, Podunk or Purdue. Everything was paid for - including your text books.


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Have the soldiers secure the US borders...round up and deport all the illegals...that will keep them busy for a week or three!






Exactly! That is what they are supposed to be for anyway, protecting the United States, the land and its citizens from foreign invasion. Securing our borders. Not for policing the world (the world according to our view that is) and fighting the battles of other nations and peoples.


Bring the boys and girls home. Let them work to help their fellow citizens, their mothers and fathers and sisters,brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends.


Any strategic bases (the few we would/will actually need) can be kept open and ready with small amounts of maintenance personnel. Close the rest.


Stop the wars, pull our troops out and bring them home where they belong. Time to take care of ourselves and rebuild what is and still can be a great country. And America is a great country.


Let the rest of the world fend for themselves and spend their tax money on arming themselves and creating a military force to protect themselves. Let their countrymen and women serve in their militaries and die to defend themselves. Let them pay taxes and make sacrafices for their own freedoms. That's the price you pay to be free. If you don't want to do that, well, fuck ya then. Be slaves under despots who rule with an iron fist, steal the wealth of your countries, and ruin the lives of your children and their futures.


They all hate us anyway. Watch how the cry, whine, bitch and moan when we go away and go home.


Time for some (a few decades of at least) self preservation, self love, self help, and minding our own business and spending our tax monies on ourselves and our country for a change.


And fuck the industrial military complex, big oil and big business as well. Their interests are CERTAINLY not the interests of the people and citizens of the USA. Fuck Wall Street too, and the banks. No more corporate welfare for these incompetent assholes. As a matter of fact the money they were given through the bail-outs, our tax money... should be taken back. They ripped off the US tax payers big time.

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