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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

I do enjoy this guys vlogs. I pretty much disagree with everything he says. But this is very interesting. PS I do like his autoplay video on his home page. I do like his not monetizing the internet

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The incredible ability to ignore the 'too many to count' wrongs of Trump and at the same elicit such pettiness to Biden is astounding and now makes clear how much America is fucked and those very same folks are happy with it because they know they can't hope to get this much power again. 

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The House

Rank Member Party District Seniority date Previous service [b] Committee and leadership positions
1 Don Young R Alaska at-large March 6, 1973   Dean of the House
2 Hal Rogers R Kentucky 5 January 3, 1981  
3 Chris Smith R New Jersey 4
4 Steny Hoyer D Maryland 5 May 19, 1981 Majority Leader
5 Marcy Kaptur D Ohio 9 January 3, 1983  
6 Peter DeFazio D Oregon 4 January 3, 1987 Chair: Transportation and Infrastructure
7 Fred Upton R Michigan 6  
8 Nancy Pelosi D California 12 June 2, 1987 Speaker of the House
9 Frank Pallone D New Jersey 6 November 8, 1988 Chair: Energy and Commerce
10 Richard Neal D Massachusetts 1 January 3, 1989 Chair: Ways and Means
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Senator Party State Seniority date Other factors Committee and leadership positions
1 1692 Patrick Leahy   Democratic Vermont January 3, 1975   President pro tempore
Chair: Appropriations
2 1743 Chuck Grassley   Republican Iowa January 3, 1981 President pro tempore emeritus
Ranking Member: Judiciary
3 1766 Mitch McConnell   Republican Kentucky January 3, 1985 Senate Minority Leader
4 1775 Richard Shelby   Republican[b] Alabama January 3, 1987 Ranking Member: Appropriations
5 1801 Dianne Feinstein   Democratic California November 4, 1992 Chair: Narcotics Caucus
6 1810 Patty Murray   Democratic Washington January 3, 1993 Chair: HELP
7 1816 Jim Inhofe   Republican Oklahoma November 16, 1994 Ranking Member: Armed Services
8 1827 Ron Wyden   Democratic Oregon February 6, 1996 Chair: Finance
9 1831 Dick Durbin   Democratic Illinois January 3, 1997 Former House member (14 years) Senate Majority Whip
Chair: Judiciary
10 1835 Jack Reed   Democratic Rhode Island Former House member (6 years) Chair: Armed Services
11 1842 Susan Collins   Republican Maine  
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OK Trump haters...bite me!!! 4,000 kids in cages under Bidumb!!!



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I want to get the logic of McConnell. The filibuster was created in the 1950s so southern senators can kill or delay civil rights legislation. Okay, so it has a bad origin. McConnell himself halted it to get around Democrats under Obama's administration. Hmm....okay. Prior to the Obama administration, the filibuster was done on average once a year. But was done 81 times under Obama. Okay. So, McConnell is saying Dems are not being bipartisan but he told Obama and bragged about it that he would not work with him on anything and he went on to delay or obstruct everything Obama tried. He's lied repeatedly and broken his honor (no Justice in an election year but gave Trump a justice in record time during an election he lost). 

Hmmm....Coss or anyone else, I'm looking to be convinced Moscow McConnell should be supported but I can't apply logic to it. Need some help on this one. 

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7 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Moscow McConnell should be supported

He's the definition of a politician, Expedient.

Today the Earth is spherical, tomorrow flat, the next, a rhomboid.

Deserves to sell old second hand cars.

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