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Warning to expats


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Hi I have been of the board for a while.

In Ireland/

EBC/IMF takeover.


Contagion is spreading.

IMO it is unstoppable.


US$ is dead in the water.

I advise all retirees to convert at least 50% of their cash into gold.


Best Wishes

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Agree, I don't realize people realize what, with a major blow to terrorism recently, how much stable the world markets have become. Mind you, that does not mean the current weak nations are not still going to be exposed, they will be, but this thirst for gold will go quiet IMO :beer:


I have ducked downed to Hua Hin, so, if the world does finish today, life is good at the beach :beer:

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What would you do with that gold trade it for worthless debt backed paper?



If the markets are getting more stable, one of us must be missing something.

Yes, there are lots of bubbles around at the moment and they are stabilizing, even if some countries are going backwards at an alarming rate, the reason they are is because they have been inflated for years.


All England had was a strong banking regime, and they blew that with corporate greed, and they are in the dog house because, let's face it, that don't do anything ... the USA is up the creek without a paddle because it has been over spending and inflating property prices.


Australia's time will come, hopefully not until a few years, why, because they don't make anything anymore :beer:

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