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Let Battle Commence

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Well, it was bound to happen one day and today it did, the ex and I crossed paths, I live in Sathorn District of Bangkok and she works in the same area so it was inevitable, surprised it did not happe

Before that, more than likely the first date!   Joking asides, it was my heavy drinking which led to Alcoholism, something I am not proud of but also something I would never deny happend. She could

Do you think any of old guys will be around long enough to find out? 555555555555   HH

On reflection, I recall hearing my wife say it one time about something in the news. Never heard a colleague or student use it. Must depend on the situations one finds oneself in. It actually means [someone] deserved it.



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Flash I hear it all the time, and ironically was asked recently for a literal translation which I couldn't give as it didn't make sense,


Till now!


Good one Mekong and Thanks for translation,




Same as you mate, I have heard and used the phrase for over 20 years now knowing the meaning of it but not the literal translation, up until a few days ago.

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August 2016


Still alive, and happiest I have ever been, no matter what shit is thrown at you one can still walk on by, just need balls bigger than king kong and to be an asshole to get through it



Forgive me I'm a Salford Skalie

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