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Eternal Vigilence - MRT Guard at Asok

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Well, there I was last evening, getting off the BTS at Asok Station, headed over to Cactus Club at Cowboy for a pulled pork feast. So - down the escalator, to cross through the MRT station under Asok, and do the little dog-leg hike to Cowboy.


Oops! Not so fast - I have to go through the metal detector security check. I am carrying one tiny Villa grocery bag, containing three things:


1. A small package of Guylian chocolate

2. A pack of Gillette Vector razor blades

3. One slim can of Gillette shaving cream


The can trips the metal detector. I open the bag wide to show the guard. He pulls me aside. He reaches in and pulls out the can of shaving cream. Then he points out to me the little red square near the bottom of the can, with the flame on it, and "Flammable Gas 2" text. Then he points for me to hit the sidewalk.


So - I walked out into the rain chuckling, and waited the six minutes or so for the light to change, so I could cross Asok at street level.


Well, at least there is one highly vigilant MRT security guard out there.


And - my can of shaving cream will not be endangering any MRT customers.


Of course, I could probably walk through the same checkpoint with a Claymore mine in a briefcase, and they wouldn't notice anything - since "Front Toward Enemy" doesn't have the little red flame thingy next to it.



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Why didn’t you cross Asok on the Skywalk and go down the stairs in front of Interchange Tower (or go into Interchange tower and down the escalators, ending up in the same place as the MRT station) and then walk the 50 meters or so over to Cowboy? Going through the MRT seems like the long way around (and down).


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Thanks - I enjoyed reading about your encounter - although I've never heard that particular terminology before - getting your pork pulled at Cowboy? - guess I'm out of touch.


I just left Vietnam and I got a very thorough pat down thank you very much when I went through security. Lucky it was a pretty lady because after she was through she could probably guess the weight of my balls to the milligram.


That's the terrible thing about Islamism, and the most likely thing that will inflict your life by- that's right: boredom (well apart from the Vietnamese ladies that are over enthusiastic that is). This is what plagues us, boredom of a supranational kind.


What a terrible thing to do to us - bespatter yourself onto everyone else vindictively then leave us with this fallout of tedious boredom. Motherfuckers.

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StoneSoup I think you were on a mission with the things you had in your bag.


Highly suspicious - chocolate (an aid to further your quest to get to the next stage), foam (to ease the discomfort and possible pain) and blades to get to the nitty gritty.


I think the guard was well aware of your intentions and decided to delay the proceeding by having you detour.


Anyway what were your intentions with those items?


More importantly did you get to make the blades blunt and were there any chocolates left??

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