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Nong Khai Bars


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Soi Nitapat has many more shop bars now. Maybe 15 or 20 all together. Each as depressingly grim as the first, with one or two notable exceptions. Greg is a gregarious Ozzie good for some chitchat and really cold beer.


On Saturdays just before the sun goes down, there is a vendor's market on the riverwalk (about a 10-min walk from Nitapat). Hundreds of people schlepping their wares in a somewhat orderly and regimented madness. Find a bar along the promenade and people watch for an hour or two.


Try the ham and cheese on a Lao baguette at Brendan and Nois. Its great value and goes down a treat with a cold beer.

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Try the Pizza, Pasta & Pub Grub at Jing joe... (Kangaroo)....run by another Aussie

It gets a pretty good write up on Trip Advisor


The owner has said he will shout the first beer for any Thai360 menbers visiting Nong Khai


Cheers DS

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Well if you're going to make a wave in Nong Khai - you can find a worn out bargirl - if you're lazy that is. You want better then that - I might be talking out of school here, but the bars aren't where it's at. You need to speak the lingo - brush off that old Laos language book - and bury yourself in it for about 10,000 hours - enlisting the help of said bargirls - then when you can swear and kant with the best of them you'll be swatting them hot beautiful Nong Khai women off like fly's. There really is no middle ground in my honest opinion.

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