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Where Are The Best Looking Girls?

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There is a sharp divide among the Cowboy bar owners, with the old timers all against the "Arab". He has made himself decidedly unpopular with them. Stick to the old bars and you will have no problems - Dollhouse, Tilak, Suzy Wong, Long Gun etc. Lots of happy hour prices these days - 70 baht drinks! Happy hour at the Dollhouse lasts until 9.30pm. :)



p.s. One common feature of the Arab bars is the presence of "hostesses" who hustle you hard for lady drinks at 200 baht each! They are not barfinable and their function is simply to get you to spend money. Lots of newbies get stung that way. :p

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These:   http://www.bangkokbargirls.info/bars-to-avoid.asp

Rave the Dave's latest review of the Cowboy bars just appeared today.


Rave the Dave


Good read


But this bit shits me - as I'm about to embark on a booze fest...


"PRICE HIKE WARNING! Several go-go bars in Soi Cowboy have hiked their prices right up. Standard beers and spirits are as much as 180 baht and lady drinks for coyote dancers are very expensive at 200 baht each. If you are not sure, it is best to ask before you order any drinks. The most expensive go-go bars in question are - Deja Vu – Kiss – Midnite – Rio – Sahara – Spice Girls. "


That's 5 star Hotel bar prices where I come from, mind you ya can't fondle the wait staff at our 5 star Hotels here, as I've often been told.

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the best looking girls and the biggest range is in baccara - pure and simple.

no coyote bullshit - no arab bullshit!!!

the only small issue is that some girls prefer japanese - i havent had that issue as i simple tell them i have a small dick... which usually cracks them up

so many farangs tell the girls they have big dicks thinking this makes them more attractive to the girls - imho this could not be further from the truth.


tilac has gone down hill - has only a handfull of pretty girls and very little new talent so most of these girls have a lot of mileage. shark is probably the second best talent pool in cowboy (not as good as it was 2-3 years ago but still very good) and the girls there like farangs and know how to seperate us from our baht in anice way.

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I accidentally fell upon Patpong two trips ago, had only ever been there once before (shopping with the ex GTG), found the ladies there to be of very good quality, albeit much younger than in Soi Cowboy (save and except Rawhide - where the girls ages are questionable) :beer:


I shall have a closer look very shortly :beer:

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