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February 10Th 2012


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Hey lads,


Just touching base making sure the Friday night meetings are still on... Checked the sticky and map and doubt I'll get lost on the way.


It's been a while, hopefully I'll remember someone... Look out for the lost looking lad with the red and white runnners on... That'll be me.


Anyone interested I'll also be reuniting with my long lost brother at Big Dogs on the Thursday. Same runners. Might be a bit emotional, it's been a few years (7)...


Looking forward to catching up.



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mai pen lai - will be hitting cowboy at some stage tonight... look for the lad in the red/white trainers/runners/sneakers with a big grin on his face...


fwiw - 80,000 THB dropped todasy on camera gear plus 200 on a pair of sunnies cos I left mine on the plane!... lovin MBK

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